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Unlikely Feud Erupts Between ‘Black Lightning’ Actress China McClain and Singer Anita Baker

An unlikely feud has erupted between “Black Lightning” actress China McClain and singer Anita Baker.

Things kicked off after McClain tweeted that her mother “unfortunately” met the “Sweet Love” crooner and blasted her rudeness.

“She like, started yelling at my mom for saying she liked her music,” McClain tweeted Thursday, April 19. “Wow. So disappointing. @Iamanitabaker.”

Thanks to the actress tagging the singer, Baker wasted little time responding.

“No one knew me or noticed me,” she tweeted. “No entourage, no special attention. Just quietly ☺filling out my passport app…. until? A VERY LOUD, person announces to the entire office, that I’m some V.I.P/which, I am not & ALSO? Announces ‘they are V.I.Ps doing a movie’ or [something]?”

“Lordy Gawwwwd #HireAPublicist,” she said in a follow-up tweet.

McClain didn’t back down, tweeting, “My mother is a pro, Ms. Baker. She knows how to QUIETLY compliment someone, which is what happened (there were only like eight people there) However, God knows the truth. The Word teaches us to love & respect one another and that’s not what you did today. God bless. @iamanitabaker.”

“My mom quietly said to her ‘Ms. Baker, I love your music,’ And she just started going off on her,” she said replying to her “Black Lightning” co-star Krondon. “So sad brother😞.”

Baker didn’t tag McClain directly but posted this apparent response to the former Disney Channel star.

“My fans are “Lovely & Courteous”❤🎁 they say, Hi!☺ & I say, “Hi!”❤ #PeacefulPeople.”

In response to the online dustup, several fans began taking sides.

“That’s no excuse, Ms. Baker. You have been famous for a very long time. I’m sure this is not the first time you were approached by a fan,” someone tweeted. “That was no way to treat anyone that has supported you over the years. You should apologize. That would’ve been the class act thing to do.”

“How dare this China McClain… she should get her facts straight or maybe get her mother 2 give the truth b4 she starts hopping on social media attacking any1,” a Baker fan said. “Use ur podium better sis, the one u have becuz of royalty like AB, make sure U R represented in the best light. ❤”

Another tweeted, “Ms. ANITA~ they should not have done that. They should respect your privacy and to be quite honest if it was me I would have secretly [waved and winked] at you and given the biggest smile but I would not announce to the whole world. And in my heart, you are a VIP.”

“I’m with ya China,” said someone else. “You’re definitely one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and I know the rest of your family is just the same. The nerve of some people.”

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