‘Black Lightning’ Sends Fans in a Frenzy After New Announcement

The hit superhero show “Black Lightning” on CW has been renewed for another season and fans are ecstatic.

The show’s official Twitter tweeted out the good news Monday, April 2, “Their power is undeniable! #BlackLightning is renewed for Season 2 on The CW!”

The new show is based on the DC comic and follows a school principal, Cress Williams as Jefferson, who originally retired from being a superhero due to the effects it had on his family. He was forced to become a superhero again to defend his family and community against villains. In season 1, fans learned both daughters Anissa and Jennifer had powers that will probably be developed in season 2.

CW has also renewed a few other shows like, “Jane the Virgin”, “The Flash”, “Arrow”, “Legends of Tomorrow”, “Supergirl”, “Crazy ex-Girlfriend” and , “Riverdale, Dynasty.”

Many fans are overjoyed that the show has been renewed.


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