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Torrei Hart Says If Men Were More Open About Their ‘Side Chicks’ Women Would be Ok with It


As the fallout over Tristan Thompson cheating on new mom Khloé Kardashian continues, Torrei Hart has weighed in on the general issue of cheating. For the record, the comic says all men do it.

Still, Hart says she has no problem with guys having side chicks as long as it’s not a secret.

“I think if you can afford her then you should have another wife or [an extra wife] if you gon do it,” she tells TVOne Tuesday, April 17. “I think most women will probably deal with it, but you men just gotta be more up front. And here’s the thing about me, I appreciate a good side b—. Because there’s days I don’t feel like doing s—. Let that side b— do that job. There’s days I don’t feel like sucking d—. There’s days I don’t feel like cooking and cleaning, have the side b— do that job.

While Hart adds the side chick position is not for her, she said if another woman is in the mix who’s “doing her job” they get along, she’d be willing to deal with it.

And Hart knows a thing or two about having another woman encroaching on her relationship. Her ex-husband Kevin Hart was embroiled in a major cheating scandal with his pregnant wife last year. And reportedly he cheated with Eniko Parrish while he was still married to Hart, the mother of his two children.

Despite it all, it seems turning 40 has changed Hart’s outlook on cheating and not everyone is on board with the side chick idea — even though one person thinks she’s on to something.

“Torrei Hart said she loves a good side chick and all men are cheaters…Nah sis you alone with that one,” a person tweeted.

“Torrei Hart and that whole she appreciates a side chick is the biggest lie I ever seen on social media,” another Twitter user said.

“So @Torrei_Hart says she’s cool with a side chick or multiple wives, and that she appreciates a good side bish,” someone else began. “Well, Ms. Hart I digress.”

“So Torrei Hart says she’s ok with her mans having a side chick… 😬 i guess it was just a problem when she wanted your spot huh,” another person snidely wrote.

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