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Keri Hilson Isn’t a Ride or Die Chick, ‘Love Is Not a Contest to See How Much Pain I Can Withstand’

If you want a famous ride or die chick, singer Keri Hilson isn’t the one. The “Knock You Down” performer explained on Instagram Friday, April 13 why sticking by your man through cheating isn’t a go.

“The whole ‘ride or die’ concept rubs me wrong,” she explained in a selfie caption. “Love is not a contest to see how much pain I can withstand. How many burdens of your boyhood I can carry for your comfort, despite mine. How many untrustworthy situations I can jump over, with an uncertain hope that MAYBE you’ll grow out of putting us in them. How many of your satisfaction I can facilitate while mine are left unaddressed. QUEENS don’t enter that s—. We gone get to this finish line with equal effort.”

The post got favorable support on Instagram.

“Preach sista 🙌🏽,” a commenter wrote

“I felt this in my soul, OK!!!” someone else said

“Facts babe👏🏾❤,” said another person.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans were a bit more critical.

“I don’t think ‘ride or die’ refers to what u making it out to be,” someone said. I think it’s more in line with riding through the ups and downs of a relationship. Not disrespect or abuse in relationships but maybe that’s me 🤷🏾‍♂️.”

“Probably a little more nuanced than this,” another tweeted. “It is supporting your man when he earns your trust and is trying make both of your lives better but cannot catch that needed break.”

“I mean…that’s not really my interpretation of ride or die,” a user said. “That seems like a warped version. To me, it boils down to loyalty. And is not one sided. Maybe that’s idealistic on my part.”

Regardless Hilson’s post follows reports that Khloé Kardashian is willing to take back boyfriend Tristan Thompson following his cheating scandal. Kardashian welcomed the couple’s first child together, a girl last week. And she’s not the only reality star who is willing to let bygones be bygones. Cardi B famously took back fiancé Offset earlier this year after a second sex tape emerged of him allegedly cheating on her. She’s currently expecting their first child together.

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