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Kevin Hart Slammed For Not Supporting Boycott of Starbucks

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Kevin Hart says boycotting Starbucks is not the answer. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Following the arrest of two Black male Starbucks patrons who were accused of trespassing, many have backed the idea of a boycott. However, comedian/actor Kevin Hart is not one of them.

“Let’s make one thing very clear….This is not a boycott @Starbucks situation….This is horrible management,” he tweeted Sunday, April 16. “The manager on duty was wrong. It’s that simple…That’s who needs to take responsibility for this wrongdoing.”

Starbucks was thrust into the national spotlight for non-coffee-related reasons Thursday, April 12 after a video went viral of two Black men being arrested as they waited for their white colleague to arrive. A worker at the Philadelphia coffeehouse had called cops claiming the men were trespassing. And while they were not arraigned and released the early the next morning, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross went on Facebook Live to defend the officers who arrested the men.

Several people, including rapper T.I., have since called for a boycott of the Seattle-based coffee chain. But after Hart tweeted against doing so, several people slammed him.

“Such a WEAK BLACK MAN,” someone commented on Hart’s Instagram page. “See how quick you are to defend a company when they have YOUR BLACK SON(S) ARRESTED for SITTING IN A PUBLIC PLACE!!! @kevinhart4real.”

“Really, it’s always one Uncle Tom in the bunch 👨🏽‍🌾” someone tweeted.

Hart fired back. “People are so quick to jump on [an] anger train without thinking,” Hart said in response. “I am now a CEO so excuse me for thinking like one…If somebody that works for me messes up it’s my job as the head of my company to fix it by handling that INDIVIDUAL. I would have to let the person go.”

But Hart’s reply did nothing to hush up his detractors.

“Excuse me @KevinHart4real. This IS a boycott #Starbucks situation,” someone tweeted. Until racial discrimination is treated like homicide, treason, assault — ZERO TOLERANCE —there will forever be racial killings. If there [were] corporate culture [at] Starbucks against racism this wouldn’t have happened.”

“@KevinHart4real wrong move! Let the boycott happen,” someone else said. “I barely see Black people managing or working for your precious #Starbucks #BoycottStarbucks.”

Still, others agreed that a boycott is not the answer.

“Finally, someone said it. How can you burn the whole tree for one bad apple?” someone tweeted. “Not everyone feels the same way. Your decision but I just feel like management is the issue, not the franchise.”

“Calling for a boycott is ridiculous and shortsighted. #Starbucks employs thousands of Blacks across the country,” someone tweeted. “They’ve invested in fair trade practices that have shaped world economies & provide income for farmers across the globe. I need you all to start thinking critically.”

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