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Vince Herbert Allegedly Took Credit for the ‘Braxton Family Values’ Theme Song and Towanda Wants What She’s Owed

Producer Vince Herbert never quite got in good with the whole Braxton clan and his relationship with the family is even more strained. Towanda and Traci Braxton plan to sue the estranged husband of the younger sister for keeping money they were owed.

Towanda told her sisters during a recent episode of “Braxton Family Values”, that she and Traci wrote the and sang the theme song for the family’s reality show. “Traci and I co-wrote the song and we never got compensated and we never got compensated for singing the song.” After meeting with her attorney, Towanda learned that Herbert was the publishing company behind the song with himself and Tamar listed as owners. “I’ve decided to sue Vince. [My lawyer] did a lot of research the theme song, “Braxton Family Values.” She continued, “And the research found that Vincent was the publishing company and his name is all over it.”

It isn’t clear if Tamar was aware that her sisters were locked out of ownership of the song, however, it appears Towanda is more concerned about Herbert’s willingness to settle. “I’m more skeptical that Vince would not settle this.”

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