Sunny Hostin Perfectly Checks ‘The View’ Co-Host About Why Kaepernick Is Still Blackballed

Colin Kaepernick had a scheduled workout with the Seattle Seahawks canceled, reportedly because he refused to give up his national anthem protest. On “The View” Friday, the ladies weighed in on the news with Sunny Hostin putting the tired argument that it’s all about a business to rest.

Guest co-host Paula Faris argued that fans are upset about Kaepernick’s protests and the football team has good reason to not sign him. “Yes he has every right to exercise his constitutional right, but at the end of the day.. this is a private company, the NFL, you have to acquiesce to rules and regulations.” She continued, “Majority of fans felt that this was un patriotic.”

Hostin quickly chimed in noting that the “most patriotic thing you can do is exercise your constitutional rights.” She added, “Colin Kaepernick is the new Muhammad Ali. He is the G.O.A.T. He has put everything on the line for what he believes in. That’s what a true American does.”

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