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Chris Brown Petition Calls for Singer to be Dropped From Label Over Abuse Rumors

Chris Brown Petition


A petition created on the online petition site Care2 Calls for Interscope Records to drop Chris Brown’s record label CBE from its roster. After the photo surfaced last week showing the R&B singer’s hands around a woman’s neck and because of his infamous assault on Rihanna, the image quickly got a lot of attention.

Soon after the image went viral, Brown posted a message exclaiming he and the woman were merely horse playing, but the petition creator didn’t buy his explanation of the photo.

“Singer Chris Brown was just caught in another physical abuse controversy after photos were released of him physically harassing a woman in Miami,” the petition read. “The pictures clearly show him choking her while another woman attempted to intervene.”

“Brown’s response to the situation was unapologetic, and he continues to show no remorse for his actions,” it continued. “He jokes about the situation and claims he was just ‘playing.’ He also said he has ‘no need to defend himself’ and even thanks the media for publicity. His denial of the situation is really disturbing.”

At the present time, the petition has over 21,000 signatures and the goal, according to its homepage, is to reach 25,000.

So far the “Tempo” singer hasn’t responded to the digital document, but a rep from Interscope has expressed the label isn’t working with CBE. This is despite a 2017 report that stated otherwise.

But regardless, people continue to sign the petition in large numbers since the tally of signatures was just 17,000 on Monday afternoon (April 2) and will likely keep growing. The writer of the document also said the singer is a danger to women and should be stopped.

“In 2009 he brutally assaulted Rihanna and then never went to jail after he got away with a plea deal — sending a horrible message to young men and abuse survivors,” another part of the petition read.

“Brown’s dangerous history of violence against women has gone ignored for far too long. Brown is a threat to women and needs to be held accountable for his actions. Tell Interscope Records to stop supporting a domestic abuser and drop Brown from their label,” demanded the writer of the petition.

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