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Did Nicki Minaj Shade Cardi B In New Song?

Nicki Cardi Chun Li Diss


After taking a lengthy social media break, Nicki Minaj returned to Instagram and announced that she’ll be dropping two new singles on Thursday (April 12). One is called “Barbie Tingz” and the other “Chuni-Li,” named after the video game character in the “Street Fighter” series.

But before the singles could even drop, some have claimed that Nicki dissed Cardi B, and brought up her past days of stripping.

“I ain’t never played a ho position / I ain’t never had to strip to get the pole position,” spit Nicki in a third new song called “Half Back.”

For years now, Cardi has talked about being a stripper before she was a social media celeb, then a reality star on “Love & Hip-Hop” and now one of the hottest rappers out.

Plus, people have been pitting the “Bodak Yellow” rapper against Nicki for quite some time, despite the fact that they appeared together on the Migos-assisted cut “Motorsport” and denied having beef with each other.

A little after Nicki’s lyrics surfaced, some questioned if she was even talking about Cardi or possibly another female rapper who admitted to being an exotic dancer in the past.

“Cardi isn’t the only stripper turned rapper. This is actually about Eve,” one person theorized.

At the same time, there was at least one person who pleaded with Nicki to avoid beef and just focus on her art.

“Nicki, please don’t get in another beef,” that person wrote. “You need to take your anger out in the music but not with disses, just bars.”

The leaked lyrics come just days after Cardi dropped her album “Invasion of Privacy” and her big pregnancy reveal on “SNL” a few days ago. So some might believe that it’s no coincidence that the lines are just now surfacing.

Those same people may also believe that Nicki announced her new singles after Cardi dropped her album to be competitive, since much of the recent rap conversation — as it pertains to female MCs — has been centered around Cardi.

But according to the rapping mother-to-be, people just want her to beef with Nicki because it’s entertaining.

“I just feel like it’s really internet made-up,” Cardi told Ebro in a recent interview. “I really feel like fans and people really want to see that happen, because it’s really entertaining. To see people beef is entertaining. I ain’t gonna front, when Nicki and Remy was beefing, everyone was tuning in, like what’s next?”

“And I spoke to [Nicki] before,” she added. “Like I always say, I don’t ever want nobody sneak dissing me. What is it that people expect from me? I already said she’s an amazing artist. I already said I paid my respect to her, I did videos jamming to her songs. Like y’all want me to say something bad … I’m not falling for that.”

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