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The Classy Reason ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Nathalie Emmanuel Won’t Reveal the Racist Troll Who Said ‘Go Back to Africa’

Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel isn’t trying to put her racist troll on blast. (@nathalieemmanuel/Instagram)

When a racist troll crawled out of the woodwork to rain on “Game of Thrones” star Nathalie Emmanuel’s parade, the actress put the spotlight on them in an unusual way.

Unwilling to reveal the Twitter users’ @name, Emmanuel simply took a screenshot of the offending post, with the troll’s name scratched out, and posted it on her Instagram.

“It’s a great feeling when you set out to do something… you work for it and then achieve it,” Emmanuel tweeted Sunday, April 8.

The response she got from the troll included the usual “Go back to Africa” diss along with some more racist rhetoric.

“Not really the kinda post you want to put out at the start of a new week,” she wrote Monday, April 9 on Instagram. “Also not here to preach…. but in case anyone was wondering what having to deal with regular misogyny and racism is like… here you go…. sending love and thanks to everyone fighting the good fight, whatever background you come from.”

Still, fans were ready to pounce with their virtual pitchforks.

“I came to find that racist bastard,” someone tweeted.

“Hold my earrings. Where is he?” said a different user.

“I want his @name,” another said.

But the fans will have no luck. The 29-year-old appreciated the support but said she didn’t want to give the troll any attention because that’s “exactly what they want. I’m not tryna give him any more shine beyond showing people this s— is happening.”

Then, Emmanuel got even more support for rising above the fray.

“You are right and we love you for this!” someone replied. “You don’t need to waste time trying to fight people like him, he doesn’t deserve a comment from our queen 💞.”

“It was actually very good what you did,” someone else tweeted. “Never let this kind of [person] make you feel bad or anything, don’t act like them. Indeed, they just want attention.”

“Yes, queen, stay safe!!” another person tweeted, “and defend yourself!! Ily!!”

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