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‘The Flash’ Actress Responds to Racist Troll and Then This Happened

The Flash

Candice Patton has played Iris West on “The Flash” for the last four seasons. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Actress Candice Patton had no problems shutting down a racist troll after they made a bigoted remark about her “The Flash” character’s relationship.

Patton, whose mother is Black and father is European-American, clapped back at Twitter user @OIicityStan Wednesday, March 21 after they tweeted, “I have nothing against white [men] having jungle fever. Most of them are [a] loser that can’t get with attractive white women.”

The comment tagged Patton in the tweet, likely because her on-screen character, Iris West, is married to Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen/The Flash. It immediately spurred backlash from Twitter users, who called out the user as racist.

“LMAO I got Black nerd Twitter triggered AF!” they said in response including the hashtags, #MAGA #NoDACA #BuildTheWall in the tweet.

He also responded to criticism by saying things such as “we brought civilization to you savages” and “the human race would probably still be living in the jungle if white people didn’t bring civilization to humankind.”

As they continued to tweet, the user tagged Patton in some of their comments. As such, the actress responded by giving them the attention they seemed to want from her.

“Since you continue with racist comments in my mentions… you must want attention. Here you go…😌,” she said in a quote tweet.

the flash

@OIicityStan’s remarks were captured by a Twitter user who reported him and the account has since been suspended.

And in response to Patton’s clapback, many supported her.

“You don’t deserve this type of hate Candice,” a user said. “You, Danielle [Panabaker], Shantel [VanSanten] and other women who play characters they ship Barry with are all beautiful.”

“I think I’m late but idc,” another tweeted. “Oh yes, Queen! Let’s get in formation!”

“Oh snap. Get em, Candice! 🙌🏽,” someone else said.


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