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6 Instances When Whites Took to Rioting, Leading to Death, Despair, Destruction



Atlanta Race Riot, 1906

The Atlanta race riot took place Sept. 22-24, 1906. The Georgia city had become a hub for the regional economy. The growth of the Black population reflected this economic opportunity, growing from 9,000 in 1880 to 35,000 by 1900. This growth pitted Blacks and whites against each other, competing for scarce jobs.

As the Black elite class began to grow, whites attempted to thwart their progress, blaming Blacks for increased violence against white women and rising crime rates. The riot began Sept. 22 when Atlanta newspapers reported four alleged assaults on local white women. A mob formed on Decatur Street, home to many Black businesses, and initiated an attack on hundreds of Blacks. The state militia controlled the mob after Blacks were driven off the streets by the violence.

Police reported an estimated 25 to 40 African-Americans and two whites died. Blacks and their businesses were driven to the eastern part of the city. The Ku Klux Klan made its return to Atlanta shortly after the riot with a membership of more than 15,000 in the city.

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3 thoughts on “6 Instances When Whites Took to Rioting, Leading to Death, Despair, Destruction

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    Revisionist Shi tstory–Now WE are being painted as the only looters & rioters. Like EVERYTHING else, white society projects it's own pathology and criminality onto us.

  2. And when you tell people that this TOO is American history, they act like these things NEVER happened, or that they are so minor as to be insignificant. Not seeing the connection, as to the halt in black American progress each one of these incidences, and the many more like them, helped create the situations we have today.

  3. Wayne Jordan says:

    Your right Stephen, they are in denial and they have forgotten about these and many more riots that they have started ( Blackwallstreet, Red Summer etc) If the damage and murder happened in Furgeson and Baltimore that they did, they would be going crazy about now. It has all been through financial envy and jealousy though but rape and murder has always been the lie told just like in Rosewood! The best thing is for us to do is pull together as a people, get our children out of public schools, mentor and encourage them and lead by example. There is still hope my brother!

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