T’Challa Stumbles Through Hilarious ‘Black Jeopardy’ Skit But Delivers Knock Out In the End

“Black Panther” has been smashing records left and right since it’s debut in February, so it’s no surprise that Saturday Night Live invited T’Challa to star in a game of “Black Jeopardy.”

Chadwick Boseman who’s known as “King T”Challa of Wakanda” showed up with his African draped attire and showed out with his Wakandan accent on the SNL game skit Saturday night, along with comedian Leslie Jones and former Nickelodeon star Keenan Thompson.

The Marvel superhero started off a little rocky by answering the first few questions wrong, but he eventually got the hang of things.

“This is the reason your cable bill is in your grandmama’s name,” Thompson said the King of fictional city Wakanda. “What is, to honor her as the foundation of the family,” Boseman answered.

“Hmm, that’s really nice… It’s wrong, but it’s really nice,” the ‘All That’ comedian responded back as the audience cracked up.

At his last attempt to steal the win on “Black Jeopardy”, Boseman embodied T’Challa Wakanda style and left the audience hysterical.

“Your friend Karen wants to bring her potato salad to your cookout,” Thompson stated after T’Challa chose the category “white people” for $400.

However, before the King could answer, he first had to ask a few clarifying questions.

“This woman, Karen, she is Caucasian, eh? She has her own recipe for potato salad? … It is noble that she would volunteer to cook for everyone, and although I have never had potato salad… I sense that this white woman does not season her food… And if she does, it is only with a tiny bit of salt, and no paprika… And she will probably add something unnecessary, like raisins,” T’Challa analyzed.

He then yelled, “Oh hell naw Karen, keep your bland a** potato salad to yourself!”

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