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Fox News Guest Keeps Her Cool as Black Conservative Candace Owens Blames ‘Democrats’ for Destroying the Black Community

Conservative Candance Owens appeared on Fox and Friends where she got into a heated debate with DNC Chair candidate Jehmu Greene.

In an attempt to defend the Democratic party, Greene was quickly shutdown by the 28-year-old rightist who blamed the candidate for “decimating” the Black community.

“Jehmu, I find that really disingenuous, for you to stand up there as a black American and defend the Democratic Party when we understand that over the past 10 years, they have completely decimated our communities,” said the Director of Urban Development at Turning Point USA.

Greene interrupted the “Fox and Friends” host in defense of her party saying “that’s ridiculous” but Owens fired right back and stated, “That is not an opinion…that is a matter of fact.”

“Single motherhood is up 71% since the 1960’s… In every major urban area where you guys (Democratic Party) has a stronghold our communities are decimated,” Owens mentioned and claimed that high crime rates in the Black community resulting from Black on Black crime.

Greene chuckled for a quick second in response to Owens saying that, “Donald Trump represents the very first opportunity for Black Americans to jump off this ideological slave ship that is the Democratic Party.”

The square-off between the two Fox guests come to an end, but not before the Republican tells Greene, that she should “be ashamed” of herself for defending her party.

The 28-year-old YouTuber is being named the next “Tomi Lauren” for her political views and labeled as an “Uncle Tom”.

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