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Petition to Get Chris Brown’s Record Label to Drop Him Nears 52K Supporters

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(Photo By Prince Williams/Wireimage)

A petition to get Chris Brown’s label to release him from his contract is nearing its goal amid a lawsuit filed by a woman claiming to have been raped at the singer’s home.

The Care2 petition, initially created in March, was started in response to Brown being photographed seemingly choking a woman in Miami. The request noted that his response to the situation “was unapologetic and he continues to show no remorse for his actions” after he posted on Instagram that “there is no need to even defend me on the matter.”

But upon news that a woman was given drugs and raped by one of Brown’s friends at a party at his home in 2017, the petition has updated to include that information.

“Chris Brown was involved in another abusive episode. A woman has sued Chris Brown after being raped at his home,” the Friday, May 11 update said. “She was given drugs, had her phone taken away, and then assaulted by guests at Chris Brown’s home while he was there. We need to keep demanding this man is dropped from his record label. He doesn’t deserve professional success.”

So far, the petition has 52,000 signatures and is soon closing in on its goal of 55,000 supporters. Once it does, it’ll be presented to RCA CEO Peter Edge.

Yet despite the many signees backing it, Team Breezy is not in favor.

“I SWEAR IF RCA RECORDS DROP MY BABY BREEZY YA GONNA BE TIGHT wishing ya never done that cause [another] label would be quick to sign him,” one fan said. “So what ya 49,000 signatures petition to drop @chrisbrown compare to all the records he [sells], all the people he makes happy. Let him [breathe]!”

“This petition to get RCA to drop @chrisbrown is DISGUSTING,” another Brown supporter said.

“Petition all you want. Chris Brown was signed as a recording artist, not a role model,” someone else said. “RCA is not going to drop him because he sells records REGARDLESS of his character. And EVEN if they did he has enough money to produce his own music.”

“Good morning King, it’s morning in Nigeria, @chrisbrown I hope you slept ok, I’m seeing this bulls— t about some dead ass petition, baby,” someone else said. “No one can touch you. DO NOT pay attention to all that. I love and appreciate you and so do a gazillion other people, pls keep doing it for us❤💪👑.”

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