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Chris Brown Still Pining for Karrueche Tran Three Years Later

Chris Brown Karrueche Tran


It’s already been three years since Karrueche Tran broke up with Chris Brown after he fathered a love child with Nia Guzman. Since then, he’s been spotted with several other women, while Tran has recently started dating former New York Giant Victor Cruz.

Many would probably think that three years is plenty of time for the R&B star to get over his former flame, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least according to a couple of messages that he posted, especially one in particular.

In one of them, Brown shared a photo of Tran and Cruz and had something kind to say about them. “They look really good together,” he wrote in the now-deleted message.

But it was the singer’s second post that seemed to indicate that he still pines for his ex, even though she’s moved on and looks content these days.

“Want you to be happy even if it hurts me. Little foot,” he wrote. Brown then added two Taurus emojis to his message, since he and Tran share the same astrology sign.  

At this point, it’s not surprising that the “Claws” actress hasn’t responded to her ex’s messages since she was granted a five-year restraining order against him in 2017. So the fact that Brown actually wrote about her on social media may seem risky to some.

In fact, Wendy Williams said Brown violated the restraining order with the two posts, and Tran should now contact the police.

“Karrueche if I were you I’d definitely call the cops and have them involved,” she stated. “Victor Cruz, if I were you I’d definitely be watching my kneecaps because Chris Brown seems so lunatic. He seems like one of those kind of guys, ‘If I can’t have you then neither can the Giants’ … Smack him in the knees end his career. Scary, real scary.”

From here, we’ll have to see if Tran actually does pursue legal action for Brown’s post, or if she just ignores it and moves on.

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