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D.L. Hughley Says This Is the Only Way Black People Will Stop Getting Killed By Police


On the heels of the revelation that the officers involved in the shooting death of Louisiana father of four Alton Sterling won’t be charged, D.L. Hughley has made it clear what he thinks will finally bring police brutality against Black people to an end.

“It only will stop when we have the collective will to make it so,” he says on “The D.L. Hughley Show” Tuesday, March 27. “We can’t do it on our own … until the country collectively decides they’ve had enough of watching young men and women being slain in the streets, it will continue.”

Hughley, who gave credit to the Parkland, Fla., student organizers of March For Our Lives, went on to say it is not the job of police officers to hand down final judgments and convictions.

“America has not yet had its fill of watching young Black people being slaughtered,” he says after listing off incidents that lead to the killings of Stephon Clark, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and others. “It is your conscious that you turn off. Until we collectively say, ‘Enough’ — and people should be accountable for what they do. You don’t have to wear that uniform, you get to. And there should be a certain amount of responsibility that comes with it and it should be the utmost responsibility. Taking a life should be the last thing you do.

“It cannot just be that we are the only ones tired of seeing us slain,” he continues. “Collectively, America has to take those blindfolds off and see what is happening here. … When is it that you will say, ‘Enough is enough?’ I know it’s a dangerous job to be a police officer, but it’s equally as dangerous to be a Black person changing a lightbulb, calling the police, holding a cell phone, holding a toy gun.”

In response, many viewers have backed up Hughley’s sentiments.

“America does not love us,” someone said. “That is what most of our people are waiting for. It’s not going to happen. They’ll wait awhile and start killing Black men in a different manner. It was hangings now shootings. And it has always been “his fault”, why he was hung/shot.”
“We will never get justice/a system that was never designed for [us] to have justice,” another commenter wrote.
“You keep speaking the truth my brother,” someone else remarked. “It’ll never ✋. I feel they are training the police officers to KILL. Nothing is changing about our Black children’s being killed by supposedly TRAINED police. I’m tired of our people being killed. My ❤ go out to all families who have lost a child to POLICE violating our children by shooting them to death like an animal. Actually, the police’s would save a 🐕 in the streets and kill our children !!!!!”
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