Kenya Moore and Michael Rapaport Playfully Trade Digs Until Rapaport Appears to Go Too Far

Comedian Michael Rapaport appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Sunday night and after a contentious back-and-forth with Kenya Moore, he drew accusations of racism when he hit back at her on Instagram.

The pair traded shady digs at one another following the April 1 season finale of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” on which Moore stars.

“Peasants can’t summon queens,” Kenya says.

“Kenya, you have to know … You can make eye contact with me. Are those contacts or are they real?” Rapaport responds. “I came back backstage, and I introduced myself to you and I told you that I judge you from the show, but you do know that you are on the show, like, a villain, right? You have to know this, correct? You’ve gotten better, but you are a villain.”

“I don’t need you to tell me what I am or am not,” Moore hit back. “I appreciate you being a fan, though.”

The digs didn’t stop on-air. They continued during the WWHL aftershow, too, with Rapaport claiming Moore’s feet were so ashy they could cut glass.

However, Moore went on Instagram Live after the show to say she doesn’t “have anything against Michael,” and the comic tweeted that “it was a pleasure” to be on air with her.

Still, he posted a photo of the former Miss USA getting her makeup done followed by an image of an ape on his Instagram story and many took issue with that.

While the photo of Moore has been removed from the sequence, that didn’t quell responses from irate fans.

“So that racist piece of s— @MichaelRapaport posted a picture of an ape on his insta/snap insinuating that it was Kenya?” someone tweeted. “It’s no secret that the equally racist @Andy doesn’t like her which is why he put them on #WWHL together last night so he needs to answer for it too. Disgusting.”

“Wow I can’t believe what @MichaelRapaport said about @KenyaMoore,” another exclaimed. “Like really? You put up a picture of a monkey after her picture. First, he talked s— about Janet Jackson now Kenya. 🖕🏽🤬”

“@Andy @KenyaMoore did you see Michael Rappaport’s Instagram post about Kenya and the monkey?” someone else tweeted. “It’s racially offensive! I’m offended! #RHOA.”

“So why the gorilla?” an Instagram user asked. “You really that butthurt because her comebacks killed you?? I’m just confused about that pic, I thought you were cool before.”

Yet Rapaport had some support.

“Now people calling him racist but he deadass be violating white people … I’ve seen it all lol,” one Instagram user commented.

Another backer wrote, “If somebody fix they mouth to [say] Michael Rapaport is racist it’s sad. He speak up for more Black people than other Black celebrities INCLUDING KENYA.”

“Don’t know why Black folks go nuts if a monkey is shown … y’all need to lighten up,” another commented.

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