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Steve Harvey Comes to Wife’s Defense After Fans Drag Her for Using Offensive Word

Steve Harvey Clapback

Critics blasted Marjorie Harvey over her casual use of the word “retarded.” instagram/Video screenshot)

Comedian Steve Harvey came out swinging after critics attacked his wife, Marjorie Harvey, over an Instagram post where she used the word “retarded” to poke fun at herself.

“I’m sitting here arguing with my husband ‘cuz clearly he thinks I’m retarded because I can’t cut a beet,” Marjorie says in the short clip as she and Steve prepare to make fresh pressed juice.

Some folks didn’t take too kindly to the post and highlighted how casual use of the term is insensitive to those who are or know someone who’s actually mentally retarded.

“It’s an issue because retarded is a word used to mock those with mental retardation,” one user wrote. “You don’t have to call a being who had disabilities retarded in order for it to be offensive — just like a white person doesn’t have to call a Back person a nigger in order for it to be offensive.”

“Just lost all respect for you,” wrote another. “So beyond disappointed by your choice of words and your thinking upon this situation that you choose this word. Pure ignorance.”

The harsh comments and criticism were enough for Steve to come to his wife’s defense.

“What you trippin’ bout?” he commented, blasting fans for being upset over nothing. “Cause my wife used the word retarded? It’s a word ain’t it?”

“I don’t ever comment but [damn], is you just looking for something to be pissed off about, cuz we ain’t,” he added.

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