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Big Sean Sparks Mental Health Discussion with Birthday Message

Mental Health Big Sean


Big Sean turned 30 years old on Sunday March 25, and the day before he talked about trying to pay better attention to his mental health. He also encouraged others to do the same through three separate Instagram messages.

“I’m turning 30, and I don’t regret nothing that I ever been through in life. Everything made me who I am, period,” he said. “But if there is something that I feel that I could have done better, and I’m gonna do better moving forward … Is taking better care of myself. Taking better care of my mental and how I feel.”

Afterward, Sean said that he often places himself last, because he takes care of so many others, which in the past took away some of his efficiency. On top of that, the rapper said he didn’t always “bring his best self to the table” since he didn’t pay attention to his mental or emotional state.

The Detroit rhymer also admitted to being depressed at times and said he often internalizes things. He then talked about one of his friends who recently committed suicide although no one knew he was suffering.

“The point is, we’re in this together,” said Sean. “I’m not just talking about me and [my late friend], I’m talking about all of us. We’re in this together … That’s why the kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, I respect them because they’re making a difference. The school shooting, those are our problems. If I got a mental illness, anybody around us, we got to speak up because those are our problems.”

The “I Decided” rapper talked about avoiding negativity as well and only taking on projects that are meaningful to him.  

Right after, his followers left a bunch of warm words and described him as being a good guy who spoke a timely message.

“True words, we are consciousness, we are the essence of life ❤ keep it present, much love”

“Real! Thank you for sharing your Wisdom 💚🍃💚”

“Big facts”

“Spitting nothing but the str8 up truth 🙏🏻 love you for this ❤”

This is the third time this month that the subject of mental health has surfaced within hip-hop realms.

Just days ago, Bow Wow posted a couple of messages that seem suicidal, and it caused concern among a lot of his fans. Some encouraged him to hang in there and seek help through one of the available 1-800 numbers. 

Plus, a little over a week ago, Vic Mensa announced that he’ll be putting even more energy into his “StreetMedic” initiative, which places mental-health and trauma professionals in schools considered at risk.

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