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Why Teyana Taylor Couldn’t Have the Pain-Free Childbirth She Wanted


Ahead of the Monday, March 26 premiere of her VH1 reality show “Teyana and Iman,” singer Teyana Taylor shared an anecdote about how her daughter, Junie, was welcomed into the world.

And to her displeasure, it did not include the epidural she planned to have to take the pain away.

“[It was a] ‘I didn’t have a choice childbirth,’ that’s what that was,” Taylor tells “The Breakfast Club” of her unplanned natural home birth. “Junie was a month early.”

Taylor explained her Sacramento Kings forward husband had just wrapped a game in snowy Boston and the pair didn’t get home until 2 a.m.

“We got a big ole bean bag in the living room and I was on the bean bag crying, assuming I was in labor and didn’t even know it,” the “Faded” music video star explains. “Like, I just thought I had to go to the bathroom.”

She said Shumpert tried to get the car ready, but Taylor knew she couldn’t make it to the hospital.

“My water broke on the toilet,” she says. “As soon as my mom said, ‘Does she have any discharge? Did the water break?’ I swear to God two seconds later, it broke. I got so scared because I just knew, I’m one of them type of n—– I was getting an epidural, I was gon have Monica sing to me — that’s Junie’s godmother — nana gon come pray. We had this all planned out.”

And Taylor wasn’t alone in her pain, as viewers shared their own stories of unplanned natural births while praising the performer.

“Wowww! This s—- sound just like my damn pregnancy! I feel you @teyanataylor,” a commenter mentioned.

“Props to you on that natural birth I had three and had to have an epidural I wasn’t going @teyanataylor but like you said you had no choice. #champ,” someone said.

Another remarked, “Natural child birth 😲😲I know that feeling hurts like hell I wished I could [have] had an epidural.  And my son Is now 19 years old, I only had one child cause I will never forget that pain.”

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