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People React After ‘Cussing Pastor’ Thaddeus Matthews Posts Photo


Talk show host and pastor Thaddeus Matthews has a bone to pick with fans who have a bone to pick with him.

The Memphis, Tenn., preacher known as the “Cussing Pastor” posted a photo with a fan named Cookie Tuesday, March 20. In it, he’s nestled into her bosom as he holds her hands, which are resting on her shoulder.

“One of my fans, ‘Cookie’ dropped by to meet me and get a hug,” he wrote in the caption.

Other fans didn’t seem to like what they saw.

“He [needs] a psychological evaluation ASAP!!” someone wrote.

“He’s a f—–‘ joke,” another person said. “Piece of s— ass type of dude.

“She look like she up to something,” someone else speculated.

“Satan in disguise, đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚” another wrote.

Matthews didn’t take the pushback well and prepared a video response the next day.

“If your pastor does not admire a beautiful woman, he must admire a beautiful man,” he says in part. “Please understand that pastors are men too. And you need to understand that when I’m on this page, it’s all about business, this is all about marketing, it’s all about branding. It ain’t all about the church.

“I am a pastor who happens to be a television talk show host,” he adds. “So I don’t give a f— what you think.”

In the caption, he noted he’s “glad when I see a man doing what a man is [supposed] to do in admiring and having [a] desire for a woman. Some are you fake ass church folk are so heavenly until you are no earthly good.”


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