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Sheryl Underwood Captivates Her Co-Hosts with An Agonizing Tale on the Importance of Forgiveness

Recently, the icon Tina Turner revealed she had finally forgiven her now deceased husband Ike Turner for years of abuse. Comedian and talk show host Sheryl Underwood was inspired by Turner’s difficult decision and realized she had to do the same.

“The Talk” co-host has previously discussed being abused as a young child and her tumultuous relationship with her mother. On Wednesday’s episode of “The Talk,” Underwood delved into the importance of forgiveness and moving forward. “I didn’t have the best life with my mother, but I had no other choice but to forgive her and forgive those that took advantage of me sexually.” She continued, “If I didn’t forgive them that darkness in them would come inside of me and I didn’t want it.”

Underwood’s saving grace was her comedy. “Comedy was the thing that really helped me. Having a sense of humor and then using that so that I could be strong enough to be a hero to anybody else that was going through something.” While fighting back tears, Underwood added, “I really wanted to make people laugh…I just wish that someone would’ve done for me sooner what I plan to do for everyone.”

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