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Diamond and Silk Has Some Words for ‘The View’ Hosts for ‘Advocating Violence’ Against Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off a war of words with President Donald Trump after claiming he would “beat the hell” out of Trump for his actions toward women. Sunny Hostin appeared impressed by Biden’s words calling it “chivalrous” on Thursday’s episode of “The View.” “There was something chivalrous about it in a sense.” She later added, “Trump is such a bully. I almost — and I hate to say this. You know, why hasn’t anybody taken him out back and kicked his little butt?”

The panel of “Fox & Friends” were too eager to jump on Hostin and the other “View” ladies for agreeing with Biden. Their go-to duo Diamond and Silk had some words for Hostin. “I think that Sunny Hostin is advocating violence against a sitting president so why hasn’t somebody taken her out back to talk to her about that.” They then pushed for a chance to visit the show to personally address any anti-Trump sentiments, “I wish ‘The View’ would muster up the courage to invite Diamond and Silk on their show to sit on the other end of that table so when they say something dumb or stupid about our president we can get them straight!”

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