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An Outraged Cardi B Wants To Know What the Government Is Doing with Her Tax Money

As Cardi B continues to make a dent in the music industry, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper is seeing an increase in her bottom line. Last years success is catching up to her taxes and the rapper wonders where her tax money is going.

In an expletive-filled rant, the female rapper posted a video on Instagram, requesting answers about her tax dollars.  “The government is taking 40% out of my taxes. Uncle Sam I want to know what you doing with me  f*cking tax money.”

She used her hometown of New York to validate her point. “Because I’m from New York and the streets are always dirty. What is y’all doing? There’s still rats on the damn trains. I know y’all not spending it in no damn prisons. Y’all be giving n*ggas like two underwear and one jumpsuit for like 5 months.” Then she demands, “I want receipts, what is y’all n*ggas doing with my f*cking money.”

According to the IRS, singles earning $500,000 or more are taxed at 37 percent. Cardi’s net worth is estimated at $4m. In February 2017 her net worth was listed at about $400,000.  So Uncle Sam is taking a big chunk of money.


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