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Terry Crews’ Wife’s Reaction to His Cheating Leaves ‘Dr. Phil’ Audience In Stitches

Actor Terry Crews is currently battling talent agency WME in a sexual assault case but the actor has some other demons to fight. Terry, along with his wife Rebecca, opened up about his cheating and porn addiction on a recent episode of “Dr. Phil”.

The Crews’ 28-year marriage was nearly shattered because of Terry’s actions. In the prelude to sitting down with Dr. Phil, Rebecca revealed she immediately broke things off with Terry when he admitted to his dirty deeds from prostitution to a porn addiction. Terry was forced to decide to make himself a better man or lose his wife. He chose the former and sought counseling and went to rehab. Rebecca confessed it took her nearly 3 years to begin trusting her husband again.

While sitting with Dr. Phil, Rebecca jokingly admitted that Terry would be paying her child support for the kids and her new man. “I said to him ‘you know we’re done right…yes I’m gonna leave your raggedy behind and I’m gonna take your money too.'” Adding, “You gone pay me child support for me and my new man.” After some applause and laughter, Terry chimed in, “guys operate on pride. And you’re successful you feel like that buys you a pass.” He continued, “I did not go to rehab to get my wife back. I went there because I needed to be a better person.”

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