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‘Stanger Things’ Cast Gets Massive Salary Increase and This Filmmaker Thinks Mo’Nique Is Responsible

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Filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry thinks Mo’Nique is responsible for helping the “Stranger Things” casts’ salaries. (Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Netflix)

Upon news of the teen “Stranger Things” cast being paid 12 times more in the hit Netflix series’ upcoming season, a filmmaker believes they should credit Mo’Nique for the huge raise.

“They should thank Mo’Nique. She opened up the bag of worms in regards to Netflix and pay disparities. Their prior money must have been crazy low,” tweeted Matthew A. Cherry, who is an executive at director Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions, Tuesday, March 20.

“‘Stranger Things’ [sic] was a huge show since it’s first season,” he added. “Why didn’t they give them a raise for season 2? It’s a different climate now thanks in part to the conversation Mo’Nique started which includes Wanda [Sykes] and Claire Foy’s money (or lack thereof) also being made public.”

In January, Mo’Nique called for a boycott of Netflix over gender bias and color bias when it refused to pay her comparable to fellow comedians Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer for a comedy special. She later earned support from Wanda Sykes, who went public with how the streaming service offered her “less than half of [Mo’Nique’s] $500,000.”

And on Tuesday, March 13, Variety reported “The Crown” actress Claire Foy doesn’t get paid as much as her co-star, Matt Smith. Producers promised to rectify that in the future and have apologized to the stars over the controversy.

So when sources told The Hollywood Reporter Monday, March 19 that the young cast of “Stranger Things” is earning $250,000 per episode during the fourth season — up from the low $20,000 they earned in the first and second seasons — Cherry speculated Mo’Nique had something to do with it.

However, several others disagreed.

“Please. They’re getting a raise based on the revenue they generated on their show,” someone said. “That has nothing to do with Mo’Nique who could be showing Netflix what they lost by going on a 30 city tour. Instead, she’s on the talk show circuit claiming unfair treatment and calling for a ban.”

“Nope, the development took place WAY before her. Also, they deserve it, Mo’Nique doesn’t,” someone said pointedly.

Another simply stated that Mo’Nique isn’t the first Hollywood star to speak out about unequal pay.

“The conversation started before Mo’Nique, no offense to her. She was just the loudest & dragged Netflix for filth. For example, this from Kerry Washington in 2015,” someone said linking to a tweet from the “Scandal” actress as part of the #Ask4More equal pay campaign.

“Or [they’re] in one of the biggest shows in Netflix 🤣,” someone else pointed out, which led Cherry didn’t sit back and take.



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