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The Ladies of ‘The View’ Blasts Trump’s Opioid Plan; Sunny Hostin Has Best Take

“The View” hosts discussed President Trump’s proposal to give the death penalty to all drug dealers and unanimously agreed that his plan is awful.

In the midst of a roundtable discussion on Tuesday, the cast talked about Trump’s speech and his willingness to push through with the controversial call of the death penalty for drug traffickers as a way to fight against the opioid epidemic. However, the women of “The View” concurred that opioid addiction is embedded in big pharma (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) and doctors who excessively prescribe the drugs.

Co-host Joy Behar called Trump a “simple thinker” and said he never understands what causes an opioid addiction” in agreement with her colleague Sara Haines who claims pharmacy professionals are “feeding to an addicted community.”

Sunny Hostin questioned if Trump was considering giving doctors who prescribe the meds the death penalty. “If you look at the stats there are doctors who are increasingly facing charges for patient overdose…” She also wanted to know why officials are now beginning to address the drug issue when it’s been prevalent in the Black community for years.

“And you attack the opioid crisis, which, by the way, has been going on in the black community for over 30 years… I don’t know why now it’s a crisis and it wasn’t a crisis then. But the suggestion that it’s somehow that that’s how you solve a crisis, just shows how backward his thinking is,” Hostin said.

Meghan McCain added the “old war” on drugs “disproportionately affected people in the Latino and African-American communities.”

The ladies of the talk show came to concordant that there should be an alternative proposition. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg noted that Trump must not have been thinking too clearly, “because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s the problem.”

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