Alex Jones Says Africa Should’ve Been Like Wakanda Once ‘Evil Colonists Were Kicked Out’ 

White colonists brought civilization to Africa only for native Blacks to kick them out and recede into barbarism, according to Infowars founder Alex Jones.

Jones, known for his alt-right views and outlandish conspiracy theories, shared his two cents on the South African government’s plans to expropriate stolen lands from white farmers and force them from the country. He argued the nation would essentially fall into disrepair like other African countries after white colonists were shut out.

“… Why is Africa so corrupt? Once the evil colonialists are kicked out, you should have Wakanda,” he said. “It should be like spaceships, ya know, and vibranium and everything.”

“I love Africa, it’s a beautiful continent,” Jones continued. “But this thing about ‘get the whites out that brought the civilization’— why does it then recede back into total barbarism and everybody starving but the president’s son has 100 Lamborghinis?”

He proceeded to ask his guest why white farmers don’t just evacuate South Africa, suggesting they’d be murdered by angry Blacks if they stayed.

“We don’t want anybody to die but they’re gonna die!” Jones exclaimed. “They’re gonna kill you and then kill themselves. You can’t help ’em.”

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