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Chadwick Boseman to Host Late Night Show with Cardi B

“Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman is set to host SNL and rap star Cardi B will perform on April 7. SNL confirmed in a tweet over the weekend, “Don’t miss #SNL on April 7, with @chadwickboseman and @iamcardib!”

Boseman’s fellow “Black Panther” cast Sterling K. Brown was in the last episode of SNL in a hilarious sketch inspired by the film. Its suspected that Boseman will be on the show doing a similar skit.

Although Cardi B is a successful rap artist, she may be also included in some sketches. Before her fame, she was very notable on social media for posting funny and relatable videos. The former reality star was also featured in a humorous Amazon commercial during the Super Bowl as the voice of Alexa.

Fans are excited to see the SNL episode featuring two of the biggest names in the industry:



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