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Tamron Hall Dishes on Walking Away From ‘Today Show’ and the One Thing She Doesn’t Want to Lose

Life brings on a whirlwind of emotions and experiences, but for former “Today” news anchor Tamron Hall, life goes on.

The award-winning journalist made a daring decision last year, when she chose to leave the “Today” show, shocking and disappointing many fans. Hall was the first Black woman to hold an anchor seat on the news show. Reports announced that the journalist would be losing her 9 a.m. time slot to former Fox News star Megyn Kelly, People Magazine reported. Nevertheless, Hall made the decision to walk away and never look back.

The television host has since landed a deal for a new talk show and made several red carpet appearances. She popped in at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA to spill the tea on her life since leaving MSNBC.

“I knew I had worked hard. I would do the ‘Today’ show for three hours, 45 minutes in between, go to MSNBC, and every weekend I’d tape Deadline Crime… We all want to feel appreciated—at work, in our lives, in relationships—and so that’s just what I felt,” Hall tells the audience as she sets the record straight and reports saying she unexpectedly left were “a lie.”

Tamron Hall


The renown journalist gave the deets on her upcoming boss moves, including her Weinstein Television deal.

“[The deal] came last summer, and at the time I’d never met Harvey Weinstein. Of course, I knew who he was… and he came to me and my team with a great idea—something that was already in the work,” Hall added. “My record standing for women speaks for itself. … In reality, the Harvey Weinstein situation, thankfully, did not have an impact on my ability to return to TV and I’m very grateful for that… I want you to be proud of what I do next, so I’m trying to thoughtfully make that transition to where I feel I need to be.”

Hall explains that she is “unapologetically Black” and doesn’t address the haters who feel the need to criticize her.

She concludes her speech by saying it’s her fearlessness that pushes her in life.

“When I look back on my life at 48, and the thing I’m trying my best to hold on to—not my youth…it’s that I was fearless… We lose some of that fearlessness that allows you to take those leaps of faith. My spirituality means the world to me, but God is not going to help me unless I help myself… No is a yes waiting,” the journalist exclaims.

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