Hilarious Birthday Conversation Between Mother and Son Goes Viral

A fairly normal conversation between a son and his mother goes viral. Twitter user Anjola shared a text message conversation her brother Tunmise had with their Nigerian mother as he attempted to wish her Happy Birthday.

In the text messages, the Tunmise initially texted his mother, “Happy birthday. Long Life and Prosperity.” His mother unsatisfied with her birthday wish scolds him and makes him send a different message. “Tunmise so you cannot eulogise your mum. Not acceptable. Repeat please, That message is not for your mum.”

HAnd from there Tunmise made several attempts to satisfy his mother’s birthday wish. But he fails multiple times. She wanted him to “be open about your feelings.” She even gave him more time to gather his thoughts, “You don’t have to write it now but think about it and pen it down when you get back from school.”

After the Tunmise finally got the birthday wish somewhat correct, his punctuation was incorrect. He had to resend with corrections. “Happy belated birthday, my darling mother. Whom I have loved from birth. I appreciate you for all the things you’ve done for me. I’m happy you turned 45 yesterday.” He continued, “May God grant your deepest desires. Your business will make you soar as high and mighty as an eagle. May God bless you and happy birthday. I love you.”

His mother graciously thanked him with, “Thank you my darling dearest son. I love you always.”

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