Shaq’s Creative Birthday Giveaway Gets Blasted By Fans

Most people receive money and balloons on their birthday but former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal did the opposite. Yesterday March. 6 was O’Neal’s birthday and he decided to give gifts to unsuspecting people. The former NBA star attached hundreds of dollar to some balloons and released them into the sky with the expectation that someone one would find them.

The basketball player said, “Hi, my name is Shaq O’Neal it’s my birthday and I’m going to do something special for somebody.” He continued “If you get it let me know you got my money, thanks for all the birthday wishes. Let me know when you get it. $500, somebody is gonna be happy.”

While Shaq thought this was a cool and clever gesture some fans didn’t feel the idea was realistic.  They also offered suggestions of what the basketball player should’ve done.

“I didn’t get the bread bro… can you resend it to my paypal? Lol”

“A tree is going to be very happy lol”

“It’s gone land on a abandoned building 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🏚🏚🏚”

“Probably stuck stuck somewhere in some power lines 😩😩😩”

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