Diddy Calls Out French Montana Over ‘Light Skin Excellence’ Instagram Post



The phrase “Black Excellence” doesn’t apply to light skinned kin, at least that’s what French Montana seems to think. And Sean “Diddy” Combs swiftly spoke up to nip that notion in the bud.

In order to include folks like himself who have a lighter complexion, the rapper posted a photo of himself, Drake, Canadian hip-hop artist Preme and Drake’s head of security Nessel “Chubbs” Beezer with the caption, “LIGHT SKIN EXCELLENCE 👌.”

It’s not clear if the “Unforgettable” performer was being completely serious or not in the Wednesday, March 7 post, but Diddy quickly told him to knock it off.

“Guys, stop,” he wrote. “Even though y’all light skinneded, [sic] y’all are a part of the movement. Don’t act like that. Lol #blackexcellence.”

diddy french montana

Aside from Diddy, others also chimed in on the silliness of French’s caption.

“Lame,” someone commented. “#blackexcellence is all shades of melanin. 🤦🏽‍♀️”

“Prime example of how light skin Black folk are weirdos,” someone else said.

Still, others reignited a debate over whether or not French, who is Moroccan-American, is even Black.

“@frenchmontana you ain’t even Black in the first place,” someone said.

“French ain’t even Black 💀 he might be African but he ain’t Black,” a follower commented.

“Lol FRENCH u aren’t even Black. Just sum culture vulture Arab from Africa. You’re not included when Black people say ‘light skin and dark skin.’ Correct title reads; Culture Vulture Excellence. Remember ur both useless without REAL BLACK MENZ.”


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