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8 High Schools of Excellence for Black Students

We’ve heard the saying time and time again, “Knowledge is power,” but it isn’t just a cheesy cliche. Your high school education and performance can determine your future career and opportunities in the long run. Seventeen-year-old Kwasi Enin is proof of that. In a rare and unprecedented show of determination, Enin, a student at William Floyd High School in Long Island, N.Y.,  applied to and was accepted by every Ivy League school. What’s more, he scored a 2250 out of a possible 2400 on his SATs. He serves as proof that the commitment to education truly pays off, making it all the more important that research and consideration go into a child’s high school education.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you, giving you eight of the top performing high schools for Black teens.


Mastery Charter School

Mastery Charter School, located in Philadelphia, educates over 9,600 students from kindergarten through 12th grade.  Last year’s graduating class collectively received approximately $14 million in college scholarships and 71 percent of the students meet or exceed state reading levels.

The school motto, “Excellence. No Excuses,” is illustrated by its unique curriculum dedicated to problem-solving skills and social-emotional tactics.

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6 thoughts on “8 High Schools of Excellence for Black Students

  1. My children will be home schooled, and they will not be wearing a uniform. They will learn evidence based facts not agenda based truths, they will be free to express their individuality and it will be praised. They will be excellent in spite of someone else's standards.

  2. Why do we have to have completely black schools? What about all if dis inequality crap our forefathers talked about? Isn't an all black school racist? Isn't it discrimination? We are becoming the very thing that we fought so hard to defeat. We are continuing to claim that we are victims in all of dis and trying to exclude all other races to appear more important.

    Damn when people gonna realize we all human and we all need each other.

  3. BaeBae, you are ignorant to the game. There is nothing inherently wrong with race, but racism is a scandal. The keyword here is not Black, but education. The forefathers also said by any means necessary. We are not becoming the very thing we fought to defeat. We fought to defeat lack of and discrimination in opportunity, not to mention the FACT that Black children do better in schools that teach Truestory regarding their past, not history. You are the one that has a long way to go…

  4. Okay Atlanta Black Star, tell us all about your thorough investigations of WHO owns the charter schools, essentially public money in the private hands of usually Whites, who decided this and where that money is going. Don't take bribery and payments or simple brainwashing from the deep pockets of the charter school movement or just jump on the bandwagon because of their recent show. Tell the readers why Charter schools aren't in White suburban schools. Tell the awful painful truth.

  5. Jeffrey Foote Jeffrey you are right on target with your comments. It is absolutely necessary for Dependence to end in our community. To depend upon others to teach our children his-tory rather than the knowledge of black innovation, black ingenuity in survival, black integrity in politics and most of all to learn of Black "Independence" this is the undergirding of what should be the foundation of everything we do. This is what we lack today. We are either depending on the government, other races, parents, or significant other's; We seem to rely on everyone but "Each Other" and that comes from deep programming perpetrated by condition and intentional neglect but you can't neglect a child in the same way as one that has left home to care for himself! The parent has lost that option all together and school for us and by us "that are effective" does just that to the dependent status quo.

  6. BaeBae Tedford says:

    Jeffrey Foote So ur saying we are the only ones that don't get a fair educational opportunity? What about all the Mexicans living in poverty? Or whites living in poverty? Aren't they being discriminated against too? They must be because their opportunity is apparently just as crappy as ours.

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