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Chris Spencer Calls On Gary Owen to Apologize to Mo’Nique


Actor Chris Spencer has had enough of the beefs between comedians as of late. The self-described president of the Comedian’s Association blasted the way comics like Gary Owen and Michael Blackson have been “attacking” the likes of Mo’Nique and Kevin Hart.

In a Saturday, March 3 video where he said comedians, have “been through too much” including “s—– hotels,” low pay and poor crowd turnouts, he called for an end to the feuds.

“Instead of attacking each other, let’s attack these trolls,” Spencer says. “All these trolls come on our pages talking s— about us. Sometimes we don’t say nothin’. It’s time to attack. I don’t care if they’re fat, skinny, or have cancer. Murder these mother f——.

“Also as your president, I’m asking for some apologies,” he continues. “Gary Owen, you need to apologize to Mo’Nique. Michael Blackson, you need to apologize to Kevin Hart. Faizon [Love], you need to apologize to about 43 people.”

Owen makes no qualms about going after people on his Instagram page. He lashed out at Mo’Nique after she took issue with movie producer Will Packer’s proclamation that she is difficult to work with.

“He put you in a movie — ‘Almost Christmas’ — when nobody was putting you in movies and he stuck his neck out and he went to bat for you and now you’re throwing him under the bus,” Owen said on Instagram Monday, Feb. 5. “I’m not gonna sit back and let you slander my friend’s name like that. Will Packer is a good, good person.”

Mo’Nique hit back at him on Twitter, saying she hoped he went to bat in the same way for his Black wife and daughter.

More recently, Blackson has recently begun pondering fighting Hart, as he told TMZ Tuesday, Feb. 23. The development takes the comics’ feud to a new level after Hart initially got ticked off that Blackson used the “Jumanji” star’s cheating scandal in his comedy bits.

Additionally, Blackson is preparing to hit the road with Hart’s ex-wife and fellow comedian, Torrei Hart, potentially putting further strain on the former pals’ relationship.

Fazion Love, meanwhile, has claimed Kevin Hart is a better comic than Dave Chappelle.

In response to Spencer’s video, several fans applauded him for dropping some knowledge.

“Real talk. Nobody wins,” someone commented.

“I voted for U,” a different person remarked. “Preach it, my brother.”

“#FACTS 😅🤣😲” another person said.

“That’s true,” someone said. “Apologies around and let’s move on. We need the funny and you guys got it! <3 Love y’all.”

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