Mo’Nique Drops Video Interviews to Dispel Rumors She’s Difficult to Work With

Over the last month, Mo’Nique has been accused of having less than stellar on-set behavior. Journalist Jawn Murray exposed Mo’Nique’s alleged conduct by reading emails from producer Will Packer and Roland Martin tore into her over her behavior during a 2011 photoshoot. Most recently, Gary Owen slammed her for taking aim at Packer and pointed to her as the issue. So now, Mo’Nique is trying to clear her name.

“Produce the folks that have a problem with me. IT IS THE BULLIES I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. Not my folks. Luv y’all for real,” she noted in the video caption.

“Be unapologetic about defending yourself,” Mo’Nique begins her Friday, Feb. 9 clip. “Here lately, the word is how difficult and how rudely I treat people. Will Packer, Jawn Murray, Roland Martin, oh and let’s not forget Gary Owen, [are] speaking about my character, and that I’m rude and nasty to people.”

She added that Packer had claimed she was “so nasty and mean” to hourly employees on the set of “Almost Christmas.” So knowing “he would try to pull this,” she interviewed 20 people about her behavior.

“When you see the proof, then what do you do,” she concluded. “They keep coming with rumors, we keep coming with receipts.”

Then, when three behind-the-scenes personnel are asked about their experience with Mo’Nique, they remarked on her humbleness, affection and humor.

“It’s just really a joy and an honor to be in her presence,” a woman says.

“In a few words, she’s a person you always look forward to seeing when you come to set,” a man adds.

Another man said Mo’Nique is “always hugging everybody, always making people laugh.”

None of the men have publicly responded to the posts, and Murray has stated earlier this month that he has made his last remarks on the matter.

The fan response to the posts, however, was split. Some backed up the star while others remained skeptical.


Mo'Nique Mo'Nique

Mo'Nique Mo'Nique Mo'Nique

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