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Nursing Aid Helps a Suffering Family and Is Unknowingly Returned with a Favor

Judy Wright, a woman suffering from Parkinson’s disease, moved with her husband to Watkinsville, GA to be closer to their son Chris. Unfortunately, Judy became increasingly ill and required home-care medical attention. They recruited a nursing aid unbeknownst to them, they’d cross paths with years earlier.

Nursing aid TunDe Hector, was hired in place of different medical care specialist that canceled on the family in the last minute. She’d coincidentally crossed paths with the Wright family three years prior according to USA Today.

TunDe told the Wright family a story about the time she’d ran out of gas. She reminisced on this specific day in 2014 because she’d been going through a hard time and a stranger was generous enough to help her. She walked to a gas station with only $5.00 in her pocket and the man who happened to Judy’s son blessed her with gas money and proceeded to give her the remaining amount of money in his wallet.

Chris in disbelief told TunDe, “That was me.”

TunDe cared for Judy before she passed away in July 2017.

The family decided to show TunDe their appreciation by asking grievers to donate to the nursing aid’s education to become an OBGYN instead of buying the flowers for the family.

They raised more than $8,000 and surprised TunDe with a check for her tuition.

The Wright family and TunDe believe that God orchestrated their meeting.

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