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Diddy Doubles Down On Hip-Hop Comments After Being Blasted By Fans

After Diddy spoke out about his fears about the music industry diluting hip-hop culture, some fans quickly dragged the “Bad Boy For Life” musician and he’s now backtracking on the remarks he made Wednesday, Feb. 29th.

One fan, Savageofnewyork, commented, “If it’s too many rappers… then it’s also too many DJ, Producers, hip hop Dancers, Video Girls, labels, etc… @diddy you smart, but you wrong on this one… hip hop culture is made to not only be viewed and listened to by all but also added to by all… THATS WHAT MAKES IT GREAT”

Another fan posted, “the people who are the veterans behind the music business are the reason why hip hop is diluted…Instead of embracing the uniqueness in the artists.. the artists are groomed to make the music that only going to sell records but not the music where there is messaging.”

Most social media users agreed with Diddy’s remarks about the oversaturation acts in hip-hop culture, yet some perceived the veteran artist as targeting the authenticity of the younger generation of musicians. However, the music producer said that wasn’t his intent.

The hip-hop pioneer wanted to clear the air and reiterated that everything said was “with positive intentions.”

“My thing is to push people to be great. I’m not no moral compass on who’s wack and who’s hot. You can like whomever you want. I was just sharing some tips on how to get to the bag, and originality and something special is key,” Diddy explained.

He also admitted his comments did criticize today’s hip-hop artists but he felt there is a recurring pattern in modern music. He said his intentions are to push artists to be the greatest they can be.

“I say my words with all love and positivity,” Diddy exclaimed.

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