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Sunny Hostin Expresses Disappointment In Ben Carson: ‘I’ve Been to His Home’

Ben Carson, the U.S Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), reportedly spent over $31k of taxpayer money on lounge furniture in his office. “The View” hosts had a lot to say but Sunny Hostin was the most disappointed. Hostin revealed she has known Carson for some time adding that he was “very good” to her husband when he was in medical school. “He would invite us (her and her husband) to his home..I have been to his home several times.” Whoopi Goldberg jokingly asked, “What was the table like?” Hostin responded, “I thought at his home it was pretty modest. Nice, but not a $31K table. ”

“I’m very disappointed in Ben. I’m very disappointed in some of the things that he says,” Hostin said with frustration. The legal correspondent added, “I remember you and I were talking about two kids from the projects. Remember when he said he didn’t want to make the projects too cozy because he didn’t want people to feel comfortable enough to stay there. And I remember tweeting out saying, ‘So, poor kids like myself, I should be penalized by the government and not have a comfortable place to live’ and you’re spending $31,000?”

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