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Taye Diggs Says He Wasn’t Raised to Be Racist and That’s Why He’s Dated White Women

Taye Diggs points to comments his mom told him in his teenage years for why he hasn’t typically dated Black women.

The actor acknowledged his current girlfriend is Black — or in his words, “mixed” — but his history shows he has an affinity for white ladies.

Apparently, that all stems from a young Diggs reading a magazine and remarking on the beauty of a Black woman.

“[My mom] told me — oh, it hurt my feelings — at 13, I was reading this magazine and I said, ‘Oh, she’s pretty, I want to marry her.’ And she said, ‘Oh honey, you’re going to marry a white woman.’ At 13 and I was like, ‘[Gasps], Mommy!’ And she was right. But to this day … I still get, ‘I thought you only like white girls.'”

He added that it “took a minute” for him to not be offended by the question but said “at the end of the day … it doesn’t matter how many times I explain myself.”

Diggs also admitted he has some resentment “deep down inside” toward Black women because of their attitudes about interracial dating.

“I don’t wanna say I suppress it but I just watch it,” he says. “But I just watch it and … when it happens to you personally, even though you understand the logic, there’s trauma there. I don’t know if I can ever mess with a white girl now. And I don’t like that. I feel like that goes against who I am as a person.

“I feel like I have had to deal with that for so long that it has changed what I think I like, what I’m attracted to,” he adds, noting white women are “not where my eyes gravitate to naturally.”

He goes on, “It might be racist and I’m not racist, bigoted, or whatever the word is. I wasn’t raised to look at someone’s race and be attracted to one race more than another.”

It didn’t take long for Digg’s remarks to go viral and now, plenty of people are hitting back at his stance.

“So, Taye is still pointing fingers at Black women for his failed life, career and now his marriage, hun?!?” a commenter fired off. “But conveniently forgot to [mention] that he [was] most likely cheating on [Tony Winner] Idina [Menzel] since day one. THAT’S why she filed for divorce. The negrow [sic] has deep rooted issues that [have] nothing to do with Black women.”

“Taye needs counseling,” someone else proclaimed. “I knew it when he wrote a children’s book about being bi-racial which he is not. Also, he sounds ungrateful since Black women like Terry Macmillan and [Shonda Rhimes] gave him opportunities to shine. He’s mad because he wants BW’s hard earned money and he isn’t getting it. This out of left pretend interest in sisters is a joke, again he wants our money.”

And the criticism continued on Twitter.

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