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A Crying Shame: 10 Black Celebs Who Don’t Date the Black Woman

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush is famous for his talents on the field, but the football star is also famous for never being seen within 100 yards of a black woman.


Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin lll signed a $21.12 million contract July 18, 2012, to the Washington Redskins and a year later decided to share his newly acquired wealth by marrying his boo, Rebecca.

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186 thoughts on “A Crying Shame: 10 Black Celebs Who Don’t Date the Black Woman

  1. does it really matter who we marry date or have a relationship with? I'm just saying we as black people are always complaining on being races that we are starting to act like those who we don't want to be. but in reality we are become just like those that have been hating on us for years. we talk about lets live together as one. how can we do that if we cant get pass our on faults. I just wont to know how do we grow as people.

  2. Joseph Jones says:

    OJ should be on this list emeritus and if Tiger had hooked up with one of the Williams sisters his golf game wouldn't be in the toilet!

  3. Aj Kareem Jama says:

    Who gives a fcuk why does their happiness pain you so

  4. Jamel Lewis says:

    Fuck'em more sistas for me!!!

  5. Its not about Being Racist… You know Damn Well that Black MEn ( and Black People in General) has always had issues with loving our selves… What White people did to us in the Past … we have no interest in doing to them… its just that a shit load of Black men have abandoned Black Women and i believe it is mostly for some Superficial, shallow, self loathing reasons…. These black men equate having a non Black woman on their arms to success … that even if they get an attractive Black woman, she is just good enough to get some Dick…. THAT IS SELF LOATHING…. but free will is free…

  6. Why dont black women's sadness pain you at all ?

  7. Ignorance like this is why we are not going anywhere as a race, a Human race. Color is always an issue.They just married WOMEN, I'm pretty sure they didn't even take into account of their skin color. Just because they marry someone who isn't black doesn't mean they disown blacks. You guys need to get over yourselves. This is sad and disgusting.

  8. theres also black women who will never be with black man so why is it considered a sell out move when a black man gets with a white woman but when black women gets with a white man shes not under any scrutiny shes praised for it

  9. Mari Campbell says:

    i know i hate stupid crap like this. who cares who they marry..its stupid and people need to get a life.

  10. Jason Motley says:

    Jada Williams The past is the past. If you pissed that a "shit load" of Black men abandoned black women then you need to find out those reasons. Are you saying that all black men who abandon black women are going to white women? I will admit that many black men need to grow up and act like men but love is love Black white asian hispanic it dont matter.

  11. Glenda Pitchford says:

    from what I understand the issue is that these white women actually prey upon black athletics as early as college just kind of ironic that those that are success are the ones they go after…so my question why the white woman and not the sister.

  12. Glenda Pitchford says:

    Jada Williams I am in total agreement , but they will NEVER EVER admit to this !

  13. I give a dam who they marry or date so what. blacks who think blacks should marry their own sounds like a bigoted white person. Ill date and marry who I want and they can to and until you pay their bills say something until then shut up.

  14. Jada Williams who cares I owe nothing to a black man or he to me date who you want and makes you happy and respects you

  15. im black im not sad I don't need a black man to appreciate me

  16. Martez Scott says:

    Omg… Who cares… As long as they aren't bashing our race then asking for help in time of need, then Idgaf…

  17. Why is it mandatory to have a Black girlfriend or spouse because you are Black?!? I have a Black ex-wife whom I have absolutely nothing bad to say about. She is a good person and we are still good friends. I have a girlfriend now that happens to be white. She is not my girlfriend because she is white. She is my girlfriend because when I had nothing she gave me gas money and stuck with me while I was sleeping on my mother's floor. Like any relationship we have had our ups and downs and deal with issues of race around us. I love being Black and celebrate my heritage everyday. The real question is what do you do to benefit your community. Did you teach a class, sponsor a Black history club, volunteer at the Boys and Girls' club, start a food bank? Maybe if we spent less time on such inconsequential stuff like who Ice-T is married to our community could progress. Focus less on who someone else is with and more time on you as a person and finding someone that will love you for you.

  18. I'm so pro black its crazy, I even got my wife feeling the pains and struggles of being a black man with a felony conviction trying to find work and support my family & she's Filipino. Honestly there is no color line when it comes to true love.

  19. Aj Kareem Jama says:

    tawny get over it, you can't make somebody like someone, race should not be an issue, unless your a racist

  20. Ashley Walker-Lutton says:

    Aj you are a little cunt ass mother fucker and I can't believe the ignorant and jealousy filled comments you have for Americans. Fuck your judgemental, small minded attitude, you don't see us going around making fun of your tiny cock, your evil, foolish cult or your insignificant speck of a brain. Crawl back into Satan's asshole from whence you came, you cowardly piece of pig shit!

  21. Koko Brown says:

    The only thing I see here are arrogant @@@holes who cheat on their spouses. Glad they don't date/marry black women, we know our worth.

  22. There's no lost. The men are not attractive and they appear emasculated by the white females who probably would not have given the a second look if they were not celebs! The women with the exception of about 2 are exceptionally homely!! It is a form of racial self-hatred thinking that anything but black is better. Now that's what's sad!!!!

  23. It doesn't matter who a person marries- these men Dont owe anyone any explanation as to why they are married to women outside of their race –

  24. There are more important that need to be dealt with

  25. Bill Heisterman says:

    It's all pink on the inside ladies and gentlemen but il make up for the imbalance because I love dark women

  26. Anonymous says:

    More than half the men on that list are homosexuals.

  27. Joel Wallace says:

    Notice they were all men. Always an issue when black men date outside their race. We are self-hating when we do it. Black women date outside, we throw a damn parade, especially if they get them a white man. No self-hate there.

    Oh, you know your worth? Then why do y'all get weave, bleach your skin, straighten your hair, etc. just to look like those same white women you dog?

    Here's the reality: With the exception of Dr. Dre, Ice T and possibly Tiki Barber, it goes without saying that all of the men on this list grew up around a variety of races, including (mostly) white people. Why it is unfathomable that they date outside their race is amazing to me. Kobe Bryant wasn't even raised here! Jim Brown essentially said he wasn't black, so if he thinks that, why should he be dating a black woman? And while the Virgin Islands mostly consist of African descendants (you did know that Duncan was from the Virgin Islands, no?), there are still many different cultures there, so again, why is it shocking that Tim Duncan would date outside his race? Get a clue people.

    But it's all good. Most of the women who get upset about this are hoodrats and the guys that get upset are the ones worshiping the hoodrats. Notice that the white women that these men mess with aren't hoodrats, even though a few of them (the men) are actually from the hood! That's not a coincidence!

  28. Olu Akani says:

    And if a white person made this list about people like Robert De Niro the very same black star atlanta would be screaming at the top of their voices that they are racist. I have never dated a white woman, I love black women, especially dark skin and I'm married to a black woman.. But I really don't give two shits if someone dates an Eskimo. Be happy in your life and secure in your self and your race and you won't care who is dating who.. There are many racial issues we need to talk about and address but this is not one of them

  29. You know what whites say … "A black man does not feel he has succeed in life untill he gets a white woman". Obama really got them confused. There is something terribly wrong with a black man who adandoned his black woman, who has suffered more on the planet than any other woman, he takes his millions and give it to a woman of a race of people who hates his guts, and will put him in prison, and he does not not have to commit a crime. He is hated all over the world by all races, and yet the black woman eyes are not big enough to see him. How will the created evaluate the black man soul, is he truly a black man? Please brothers, all black men are not like that.

  30. James Campbell, no it is blacks like you why we are not going anywhere, because you don't even think you are black. How come it is always blacks, spinning, talking nonsense, "I don't see color. You don't ? Why everybody else see color? That is why we have so much racism.

  31. Stop the nonsense.

  32. Aj Kareem Jama Go find out what a racist is before uttering the word.

  33. Joel Wallace says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Explain.

  34. Joel Wallace First of all, why are you making excuses for these blacks who were not raised in the black community, and or among black people. If you know who you are, and love your black self and your race, you will not stray. Bottomline.

  35. Joel Wallace says:

    How is it an excuse? It's pretty simple math. If I grew up in Japan, it's a high probability I'd date a Japanese woman. If I grew up in Africa, Europe or Mexico, it's a high probability that I'd date women of that region. What logical reason is there for a black man (since they are the only ones that are wrong if they do this apparently) to date people outside of the community they grew up in? You answered your own question.

    Are these men any less black because they date outside their race? Nice of you to ignore my statement about black women dating outside their race. Do they hate themselves too? Is this where you will introduce some circular logic stating that since black men do it (those same black men that you seem to think hate themselves), it's ok for black women to do it as well?

    The only black people that get worked up about this are blacks who put being black ahead of everything else, and it's mostly black women. There is nothing more absurd than defining yourself through your skin color then getting pissed when someone else does it. I've watched black men spit this same kind of nonsense in front of other black women, then when they set foot in another country chocked full of white women, they couldn't get their fill of them. But I'm sure they were hating themselves the whole time, right?

  36. Aj Kareem Jama says:

    I know what it entails seems you're slightly confused by it

  37. Hmmm… Also noticed that none of their wives or girlfriends had arm or titty tattoos, they all had their own hair, and none of them were overweight. Anyway black women don't like these type of men as Laverne said. I guess having a white woman makes you emasculated (her word code for lame). Question who emasculated black men more then black women?

  38. Sami-kaie Milling says:

    Wow you guys suck. This must be the dumbest shit I've ever read. Just as bad as your white contemporaries. Spewing this racist bullshit

  39. Your comments, thought processes are all baseless. You should never debate or comment on a subject of this matter especially if you refer to the Nubian woman as a hoodrat. Apparently you do not have the minute mental capacity to know the mental and economic damage of a people when the men in their culture do not reinvest, their love back into the community. I would explain it to you, however based on your ignorant general comment, I will not waist another second on you. Now go repent and ask GOD to forgive you for your extreme stupidity!!!

  40. Joel Wallace says:

    Nikki Thompson-Gilbert

    Don't come to me with this mental capacity nonsense when you don't even know how to use the word waste properly. You won't explain it because you can't explain it and there is nothing to explain. You, just like the other clown, can't answer as to why this is only an issue for black men. You won't find any articles about black women dating white men and you won't find anyone saying they hate themselves over it. Look at your own post. It's only mentally and economically damaging to people if the men date outside their race. Women do it, no issues to be found. GTFOH.

    The fact of the matter is that the women that get pissed about this are typically hoodrats. The majority of niggas that will act all high and mighty about this will be all over white women the first time they offer something up to them. I've seen the shit first hand. Doesn't bother me; they are the ones lying to themselves.

    I don't know what planet you are from, but black women are not immune from being hoodrats. I have first hand experience with this. Get off this "nubian woman" nonsense. Your ass has never been to Africa and if you went, you'd be scratching and clawing to get back on the damn plane 5 minutes after you got off that motherfucker. I've actually been there and it's a damn shithole.

    Reinvest their love? That's the damn problem! We "reinvest" our love too damn much! That's why we got so many damn single mothers now. Put the damn weed down honey.

    So it is what it is. I live this life on a daily basis, so don't come to me on your moral high horse with it's three legs to stand on. I can't even say your argument has no merit because you had no argument to begin with.

    I'll be praying, but for you to get the help you need. I'm all good over here.

  41. Zanna Phaeton says:

    You're funny. Everybody "sees" race. Including the black men who married them. There are many postings like this covering a number of topics. The only reason it bothers you is because race DOES matter. And it does to you too or you wouldn't have commented.

  42. Zanna Phaeton says:

    You're funny. Everybody "sees" race. Including the black men who married them. There are many postings like this covering a number of topics. The only reason it bothers you is because race DOES matter. And it does to you too or you wouldn't have commented.

  43. Joe Ingram says:

    Zanna Phaeton You think you got carte blanche to be racist?

    You stupid ass

  44. Joe Ingram says:

    Or black women are ugly

    half a dozen of one………..

  45. Joe Ingram says:

    Jada Williams Or white women just look better…………..

  46. Joe Ingram says:

    You could've been a black man without a felony conviction

    but hey, personal responsibility and all

  47. Joe Ingram says:

    Jada Williams They sad they didn't hit the jackpot?

  48. Black men themselves – racial self hatred. White women wear weaves, wear extensions, tattoos and straighten their hair also long before Black women started wearing them. There are more overweight white women than Black women, the media just perpetuates the stereotypes about both Black males and females. By the way, emasculated means "emasculated" not lame. Also correct your grammar, the correct word to use is "more than Black women.

  49. Blackegypt Kemet says:

    Just the fuck up most of the black guys an here is foolish I agree with my sisters, y'all have self hatred. Why would u want to marry people that did nothing but oppress you. Right now am upset don't have nothing to say. Am not using the right words now, any dumb black people that don't see the manipulation here. And any black man on woman married out there race. They are no longer part of that race. All they doing is using the white man trick, it doesn't matter if she his not African or black you people makes me disgusted u rarely see Asian married out there race they got pride u black man are scum of the earth, as most of you black man already have mixture thru slavery why still practice this slockness of slavery

  50. Blackegypt Kemet says:

    We need to stop racial mixing, if not it's going be a black genocide. Black people will loose there identity please these celebrity's especially the black not mix like Mariah Carey there is a difference between a mix black on a pure black. How the fuck you gonna call a person of a white mother and a black father black that person is mic regardless of how he look or how pure the parents Are one drop rule was put there so the black will think it's ok and keep married out there race soon these mix confuse people will rebell mark my word. I need an African queen where is my lovely black Nubian queens are no more race mixing.

  51. Alea Kauffin says:

    And you asked why black women die and perm there hair? its obvious why all our brothers that have been surported by us will and do walk away from us when they get money they have been selling us for centuries.they are our Judish. I love them but I know they will sells me in a heart beat and put us down in less than that.

  52. You are being ridiculous. Love is love and is colourblind. Look at the person not the colour of their skin.

  53. Jaymey Smith says:

    Being mixed has certainly given me a better life.the only problem for mixed race kids would be ignorant fucks like you.who speak against it…please tell me why I should give up what I like to save the black race? Gtfo

  54. Mi Ha says:

    Your comment is probably the reason why you're still looking for your African Queen – females dont dig ignorance

  55. Anonymous says:

    Always a double message. You say you respect your grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters and yet don't see the abject disrespect and dishonor portrayed in this article—something is terribly, terribly wrong. You think you're proving how diverse and international you are. LOVE. How is it love when the first people you choose not to love, forgive and hold together are your own people?

    Let me remind brothers of something–when our ancestors stepped off those slave ships, it was not just men but women too. We share the same struggles and issues. Sisters are a reflection of a black man's condition. If sisters are messed up so are you. When you look at a sister, you should see yourself. When she looks at you, she should see herself. This should remind you how much we need each other and how much our children need us both.

    You have a problem with sisters finding some kind of way to survive in the absence of black men in a hostile society and many times while you are present? Black men detest a black woman who has fallen low, who no longer respects herself? Yet, expect sisters to continue to hold you up and understand your struggle even when you choose to desert her. All the issues black people have stem from the same source.

    LOVE. Any and everybody but our own. Ha! Obama is FOR everything under the sun, a white mother and white grandparents—but his wife is black from the south side of Chicago and he's the president.

    You've bent to the will of a society that has been trying to destroy you for hundreds of years and continues to do so and this is the legacy to be left to our children? Unfathomable.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Being mixed has given you a better life? Would you please elaborate, because if you're expressing what I think you are, then, you are implying that being partly white has afforded you privileges that being all black would have not. Racism does exists, its real and most powerful when we as blacks perpetuate and promote racism among ourselves. Anytime we live in such a way that our very existence is threatened, then that is dangerous…. Do the research, 72% of all black children are born into single parent households. Black men and women seem to be at war with one another. God help us. When you live a society that banishes black women to invisibility, or if she's given the spotlight it portrays her in the worst way, that is destructive and we will all ultimately pay the price. Grow up, use the brains God gave us.. This is more than "love who you want to love". The question is what is best for us as a community.

  57. Syd Nesmith says:

    And if the single mothers wasn't strong being the man and the woman ; only parent in the babies life where would the child be right now ?

  58. Ronald James says:

    Why is this a topic? Black professional athletes and actors have come to realize, like most of us, what happens when you invest in a relationship with a black woman vs. a woman of ANY other race. Your risk of losing everything you've worked hard for goes through the roof. Black women are wonderful creatures but they have a vengeful spirit and a huge sense of entitlement. They will do everything they can to destroy you, ruin your reputation, or even take your life, if ANYTHING goes wrong in your relationship and odds say it will. I don't have to provide examples…they're provided to us everyday via the media. Black men are becoming smarter. They are reducing that risk and the level of BS they have to deal with when dealing with a black woman. It's sad it's come to this but honestly it's just survival. There are so few black men that come to wealth and power within this country and those that do want to enjoy the fruits of their labor with the right person. Not someone who's going to take them down because he pissed you off. I love black women. I love them to death. I am a successful, educated, respectful, world-traveled, black man from the south. I have had the good fortune of finding relationships with women from all over the world. There is really NO comparison to the way black women from the US treat me versus the other races of women I've dated. And from what I'm seeing here…I'm not the only one who realizes it.

  59. Aaron Watson Go for it black man, how come most of ALL men on the planet, are with their race woman except the black man? Until the black man (not all) stop acting unintelligent, they will always be laughed at, and should.

  60. Jaymey Smith how has being mixed given you a better life?

  61. Bwire Vincent Because thye get all the black men.

  62. Dancy Pants says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Uh, if you're going to say ALL men on the planet then you need to realize if the majority race is your own race (parts of africa, asia, and south america) then yeah obviously you're going to only date your race. But in America and parts of the UK and other countries with a diverse population, there is interracial relationships including among black men. Black women date white men and asian men and hispanic men and russian men ect.

  63. Dancy Pants says:

    Wooooow! You sound like your ancestors slave masters!

  64. Dancy Pants says:

    Well damn, way to stereotype all black women because YOU had some bad experiences. You ever stop to think that maybe it's you and not them?

  65. Excuse me Ronald James but you see what Tiger's wife got and then you get back to us on that. White women will take everything. Mark my words.

  66. Excuse me Ronald James but you see what Tiger's wife got and then you get back to us on that. White women will take everything. Mark my words.

  67. Nzingha Shabaka Exactly, they will abandon their kids and all to get to them a white woman and disparage is in the mean time.

  68. Franciscus Mic-Dropper Jackson says:

    Ever Noticed. …Noone Says Anything about a White man with a Black Woman………..They Keep Quiet about that….Double Standards. …………Halle Berry Played a Hood Rat Druggie in Monster's Ball..with a White man……..Noone Cared….. wow

  69. Franciscus Mic-Dropper Jackson says:

    I Dont Date Black Women…Mexican or any rsce..I Date Christian. … or the Color Of Blood….RED

  70. Franciscus Mic-Dropper Jackson says:

    Let's Leave the WHITE WOMAN STERLING BLACK MEN cliche alone

  71. Franciscus Mic-Dropper Jackson says:

    White women stealing black Men ? Wow….sad cliche

  72. Franciscus Mic-Dropper Jackson says:

    Let's Be Real….. who Ever Mentions…Black Women. With white men?…

    .. Jesus died for every race ..color an creed…. let it rest

  73. Ronald James says:

    Beamer Beamer excuse me but Tiger Woods is a very poor example. Better try another angle.

  74. Ronald James says:

    Katharine Baragwanath you're right! Love is love. Unfortunately, the people who walk this Earth are human beings and NOT a feeling. They are a complex hodgepodge of experiences that make them who they are. Read the comments in this post as an example. People ARE NOT colourblind.

  75. Ronald James says:

    Dancy Pants Errr no!

  76. Ronald James says:

    LaVerne Wright explain to me what being "attractive" has to do this topic. You're narrow-minded and judging these couples by their looks…yet you haven't provided a photo of yourself in your responses! Who knows the psyche of any human being who decides to devote themselves exclusively to a person outside of their race. Are you a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist? Or are you perhaps a self-entitled, armchair finger-pointing Sistah with envy issues who thinks that any brotha who makes a qualified decision to date/marry outside their race is a self-hating, traitorous, bastard who deserves to be destroyed because he thinks, "…anything but black is better?" Your words! Lastly, you said, "..and they appear emasculated by the white females…" So your observation is that these world class athletes appear weak, diminished, or somewhat castrated by these women? Better Google "emasculated" sweetie. SMH!!!

  77. Ronald James says:

    LaVerne Wright Antoine, I got this pimpin' LaVerne please get your money back from the University of Missouri sweetie. It's clear to all of us that you're NOT getting a good education Boo. Stay in your lane because you're not going to sway the court of public opinion within this venue with your arguments. SMH!!!

  78. his mother is white,and who cares marry who your heart desires ….I don't belong to a blk man because im blk.a man who respects and loves me is where I go no matter his color

  79. Mi Ha it is not about the money. It is abandoment, his race and his black woman, and showing the world he is a fool.

  80. Franciscus She got thrown under the bus. Jesus died for us, that sound good to you, but how do you know, where did you get the information? Stop using our enemy source amd trying to pass it on to us. That is a serious problem, too many blacks keep doing.

  81. Dancy Pants Small percentage. Most men stay with their race woman.

  82. Dancy Pants Dancy nobody had slave masters they were slave holders, killers, rapist, criminals of the worse kind.

  83. Gary Mendez McLarty Sr Best nonsense statement of the day.

  84. First understand what racism is before you go spewing misinformation.

  85. Detarius Knox says:

    This article is stupid there is no law saying you have to date someone from the same race as you. I have a white girlfriend and I'm Black big deal.

  86. Detarius Knox says:

    This article is stupid there is no law saying you have to date someone from the same race as you. I have a white girlfriend and I'm Black big deal.

  87. Detarius Knox says:

    You need to grow up

  88. Rae M Rae says:

    There are no pure blood African Americans. The genocide thing is the same thing Nazis said , KKK said, etc. That's just angry talk. To each their own, No pure African blood here after all these years.

  89. Rae M Rae says:

    There are no pure blood African Americans. The genocide thing is the same thing Nazis said , KKK said, etc. That's just angry talk. To each their own, No pure African blood here after all these years.

  90. Rae M Rae says:

    I don't think that the fact that these men are married to non black women means they don't date them at all. Even if it did, I don't see the issue with shaming people into dating who you say they should. Love is love and hate is written all over this. Fail.

  91. Jonathan James Bresnihan says:

    You're a complete FOOL. I'm a white man who absolutely LOVES black women, and if YOU think there aren't enough famous BW/WM that have been on the forefront than you've been living under a rock. And yes, Halle Berry is with a WHITE man in real life moron. AND BTW her role in Monsters Ball earned her an OSCAR AWARD for best actress. From Tina Turner to Donna Summer to rapper Eve to the Williams sisters (tennis) just for starters, there are LOTS of black women out there that love and date white men. Think, if you can, before you type.

  92. Jonathan James Bresnihan says:

    Wow, this article sounds like sour grapes intermingled with the raving ramblings of some very bitter and/or jealous individuals. How pathetic. I happen to be a white male who LOVES black women and for those who DON'T date black women that's THEIR damn problem AND loss. I happen to be love with a very beautiful black woman. But this particular article is just absurd. How do they know that any of these people mentioned have NEVER or WOULD never date/dated a black woman? And what business is it of theirs? People can express their opinions and that is fine but complaining about whom OTHERS are dating is laughable and ridiculous.

  93. Jonathan James Bresnihan says:

    EXACTLY. Thank you. Nothing but sour grapes to me.

  94. Jonathan James Bresnihan says:

    IKR. Good post. I'm white and I love black woman.

  95. Franciscus Mic-Dropper Jackson says:

    Again…White men Has Been Loving Black women since Slavery…to Music…….However same white man who Loves Black women…Won't agree with His Daughter or white women with Black Men…………. We worship at churches together…but then most still can't allow their kids to date other races….that's sad……

    And…why are black women and white men sooo irritated when they see a famous black man with a White woman?

  96. Franciscus Mic-Dropper Jackson says:

    Again…White men Has Been Loving Black women since Slavery…to Music…….However same white man who Loves Black women…Won't agree with His Daughter or white women with Black Men…………. We worship at churches together…but then most still can't allow their kids to date other races….that's sad……

    And…why are black women and white men sooo irritated when they see a famous black man with a White woman?

  97. Brian McCaskill says:

    Exactly… I mean, this ridiculous article is even getting on Cuba Gooding Jr. for marrying his high-school sweetheart.

  98. Brian McCaskill says:

    Exactly… I mean, this ridiculous article is even getting on Cuba Gooding Jr. for marrying his high-school sweetheart.

  99. Brian McCaskill says:

    When I stop hearing "you go girl" cries from black women whenever a black woman marries a rich and/or famous white guy, maybe I'll pay attention to your diatribe.

  100. Brian McCaskill says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You're misinformed… Asian-American rates of interracial marriage and dating are considerably higher than African-American rates for both men and women.

  101. Brian McCaskill says:

    Nzingha Shabaka You're misinformed… Asian-American rates of interracial marriage and dating are considerably higher than African-American rates for both men and women.

  102. Jackie Oyee Keukelaar says:

    Oh my God! I can't believe some of your comments. What's wrong with you people. Marry who ever you feel happy with. We only lives ones.

  103. الحكيم موهاجيرين says:

    …If Tim Duncan "cheated" allegedly with a black woman, how is it that he does not date black women? There was nothing more substantive to talk about that this?

  104. And who do you worship? A white God. Given to you through slavery by your masters thus teaching self hate from birth.

  105. Most black women hate interracial dating due to the utter disrespect given by most white women who lay with black men. Most white women (not all) get cocky and smug towards black women and of course a black man wouldn't see it cause they don't receive the same. But to most again not all white women it's the mandingo curiosity. Most mixed relationships don't last anyway so why stress. Better they have our dogs anyway. You have no idea how much extra pu**y they have on the side. My ex once told me black men don't necessarily love white women more but f*ck her right and you'll have her on her knees for life just handing you that bank account. And literary on their knees begging you to stay. For life. ouch!

  106. must be some bitter, single black woman who wrote this post… such racist bullshit! Newsflash–black men fall in love with non-black women! get your head outta your ass fool!

  107. Nzingha Shabaka abandonment? who abandoned who?

  108. Natasha Mundia Luonde you know you're talking bullshit

  109. Nzingha Shabaka you're an ignorant prick are you

  110. you're a fucking idiot

  111. Nzingha Shabaka "Because I love my race and will stick with my race come hell and high water, does not make me ignorant." no it doesn't… it makes you racist… you are not open-minded, but a simple-minded fool

  112. you realize you're a fucking black guy right? and that you probably have some white blood through your ancestry? so exactly what the fuck are you trying to say?

  113. LaVerne Wright grow the fuck up

  114. Nzingha Shabaka n, that's what you need to do… how about you wait till you enter middle school before coming here and spreading your afro-centric bullshit

  115. Jada Williams see Jada, this is why they don't want to deal with you

  116. Jada Williams so the woman is more important than the man?

  117. cuz the "sister" doesn't go with them

  118. Nzingha Shabaza, I give a dam who a black man marries, he owes me nothing and I don't owe the black race a dam thing,i do what I want and I marry who I want he does not have to be black. He has to be the man that loves me .respects and honors me. color does not matter.

  119. Again shut the hell up

  120. your nothing too me just a man ith a dick just like any other man,just because your blk means nothing black woman don't belong too you and people are free to marry whoever they love

  121. Slavery is making its way bk to America anyway so no use stressing. Just sit back and wait on the chains then watch and see how many of the "I see no colour" partners will be chained up whipped and killed with their black counterparts. America is already bk in the 60's all these cops killing black boys these past few months. Jim crow is slowly creeping bk in. So good luck to you all. Enjoy that love while you still can.

  122. Narrowly construed and yet notion of notion of blackness -problem number one. The 2nd issue I have is your confusion of love for blood relative with one's choice partner (racially speaking). Lastly, this thing about being race police -that is nothing but a tool of colonialism -policing your own on the plantation so massa doesn't have to worry about us. Get off the plantation already.

  123. Natasha Mundia Luonde Perhaps you would benefit from some counseling. Anything that blossoms, your attitude will kill it like weeds. Yeah, get help before your attitude becomes a fixed pathology -if it hasn't already done so.

  124. Why is a black Man Only CALLED A GOOD BLACK man..when he's with a Pretty White woman?


  125. Black Women has BEEN Taking White men money for years..Noone says ANYTHING. . a White Beautiful Women is with Black amn..Yall clown

  126. I think you overestimate how many Black women actually give a hot damn.

  127. How you are treated is based on how you are read by society. No one would look at that broad nose and wooly hair and think that you're "mixed". You'd be read as Black. Not saying you are, but that's just the way it is. So I don't know how it is you feel you've had a better life, but feel free to elaborate.

  128. These articles are full of Shit…. For one Dr. Dre was married to a black woman….. Michel'le

  129. How Do White Men Feels about Their Daughters Dating Black men????….. Do They Teach THEM To STICK WITH THEIR OWN?

  130. Notice this article doesn't show any "author"… it's credited to the "ABS staff". Just one more indicator of black racist entitlement and what a "crying shame" it is that all successful black men are not limited to black females.

  131. Mayimuna Ali says:

    Ladylenett, you spoke the truth Ruth!!!!! When INSTITUTIONAL RACISM is banished from the earth, I'll believe in colorblind love.

    Then again, we're all African–every human on this planet. We all carry mitochondrial dna which traces us back to our forebear–an African woman. In fact, WE ARE FAMILY! God is truly wondrous in His Ways.

  132. Yaffa Lawson says:

    I don't care who you date but don't act like you better than your race. Your children especially your daughter will be labeled black! Blackman and white women have harrassed black women dating out there race to

  133. Yaffa Lawson says:

    That is what I am saying. You racist to if you think just because a white woman has white skin she better.

  134. Yaffa Lawson says:

    I can careless. Blackman/white men want Black women envy them. But guess what let it be the opposite.

  135. Yaffa Lawson says:

    Sweetheart when I have dated out of my race white women and hispanic women hated on me. If your boyfriend wanted another woman regardless of skin color it would puss you off unless you were a dike or swinger.

  136. Yaffa Lawson says:

    White people are spiteful to. Let them get rejected and see how they act. You bitter. That is racism when all you dream of being with someone because of color.

  137. Yaffa Lawson says:

    It is a two way street.

  138. Yaffa Lawson says:

    That is what it should be about….you have feel good about yourself or raise your self-esteem because yoy married someone white. That is a nigga mentality. Marry because of love

  139. Yaffa Lawson says:

    I wrote my book based on biracial friends who grew up with one black parent hating themselves. It is a twist

  140. this is the most racist post I've even seen. are you kidding me? who cares what race dates/marries what race…. like unbelievable…. my good friend is of East Indian decent and married to a woman who is half white and half black (don't know which gender is which because I don't care….. because a non-racist wouldn't care)…. unbelievable

  141. Yaffa Lawson says:

    Well obviously Mr. Matthew the majority has an issue so let's be 100 precent. Stop playing the "I love everyone " b s roll

  142. Joan Brown says:

    I don't know why most black men, who are into white women, think that ALL black women are pissed off because they are with white women! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! I mean, how consenting adults chooses to live is between them and them! I know that white women are no better than any other women! It's just a matter of preferences and opinions of those who chooses to be with them! I read a statistic in Essence magazine that claimed that black women are 4 times less likely than black men to marry or date outside of their race! In spite of the fact that white males and black females were the most common cohabitants in America for centuries, especially earlier America. And regardless whether the cohabitation was consensual between the two…Black men with white women ain't nothing special!

  143. Who cares. I don't care who Black males date since I am not attracted to them but why can't Black males leave Black women out of their mouths when they date and marry interracially? That is what I wonder.

  144. Brad Baylis says:

    A bunch of fugly black braods and p-whipped black "dudes", all with 80 or under IQs posting here.(As well as a few corrupt, minds-haven't-gotten-out-of-the60s-and- 70s black nationalist popinjays!)

  145. Brad Baylis says:

    I mean,"Fugly black broads!"

  146. Brad Baylis says:

    Natasha, though white cops/vigilantes killing black males MUST BE ENDED AT ALL COSTS, how 'bout 94% of black men ARE SLAIN BY OTHER BLACK MEN?(Of course, you won't acknowledge this, as it doesn't match your "slavery is returning to the U.S." narrative.(AND SLAVERY STILL EXISTS IN AFRICA,;the lighter-skinned Muslim "Janjaweed" in the Sudan are enslaving and murdering black indigenous Africans daily, with no mention of these atrocities from Jesse, Al, Louis, Mikey, etc.WHAT FREAKIN' PHONIES;wonder if these pirates are greasing their wallets?)

  147. Brad Baylis says:

    Ms. Shabaka, are you blind, or don't you know that Michelle Robinson Obama is a BLACK WOMAN, albeit un ugly Amazon I or most other handsome black lads wouldn't give THE FIRST, LET ALONE SECOND LOOK?

  148. People can and should date whoever they want but the answer as to why Black non mixed women are being ignored by Black athletes is fair and one that a lot of people don't want to deal with.

  149. BTW I meant the question is fair.

  150. Yes my Mother went to school when she was young at a school designated mostly for half whites call Piney Woods in Mississippi, did your study include that school it is in Mississippi. My Mother is fair skinned. The school had dark complected women there too, but they were treated differently. She said however, that the half whites hated being so, because they found it difficult to identify with either race, but then there were others who preferred to be white, and were not accepted as such. Skin color will forever be an issue, and black people always have denied that they have an issue with it, but you just have to love and be good to your self, and if a black man or woman wants to be together, let them.

  151. James Wilson says:

    Wow. You wrote a book?

  152. Will you share the answer please? Thanks.

  153. Victor KH says:

    There is NO SHAME to fall in love or marry other races, or particularly white as is the case here. There should be no issues of SKIN COLOR pointing. It is THE SYSTEM WE SHOULD STAND UP TO! Not individual people. We SHOULD STAND UP AGAINST IMPERIALIST MENTALITY initiated mostly by those of EUROPID offsprings. Period

  154. Ramal Davis says:

    All race traitors are not worthy of life. To pollute your genetics by producing half breed vermin is an insult to your blood and ancestors. I pray for the day that a black version of the third reich arises to purge this nonsense from our race.

  155. Filmtress Bell , seriously?

  156. Mari Lima says:

    As mesmas cenas se repetem no Brasil. Em todo tempo.

  157. Saiveh Kemah says:

    I think the only crying shame is that black women are expected to feel bas about this. We have self respect. The men on this list have had a myriad of relationship scandals. Yeah the may be rich/famous but there are plenty of professional men who respect women regardless of color. Im not sad to see these fellows go.

  158. Saiveh Kemah says:

    Most of the men on this list dont have great track records when it come to marriage or dating. There is a myriad of relationship scandals among these men. Is that suppose to be a 'loss' for black women. Lol so is it that they dont date black women or maybe black women who share their status, dont put up with their foolishness. Society need to stop idolizing misogynist assholes.

  159. Saiveh Kemah says:

    This article is utter BS but your comment only fuels the flame by suggesting black women arent independent and are only trying to catch a rich man. Dont throw your insecurities onto black women. Nobody blaming white women for "stealing black men", black women get offended when black men (and white women who date them) suggest that black women are inferior (as you just did). I believe its all a matter of attraction, nothing more.

  160. Are you expecting black women to feel bad about this? Because this one doesn't.

  161. you forgot Quincy Jones…the last time he saw Black pussy was when he was born from his momma.

  162. This article is a crying shame. People have a right to marry or date anyone they please. Why does it matter to you who they date or marry. Did you as the writer want date one of these men and they turned you down?

  163. Masimba Musodza yeah, seriously. this is way outside your level of understanding. stay in your lane. this was an excellent synopsis and I agree with everything written.

  164. stop being such a pushover. where is your racial pride and loyalty. do you have any?

  165. no they cannot. we have history. do you respect your ancestors at all? no wonder we keep chasing our tail.

  166. Yaffa Lawson Black women seem to be more loyal to their race than Black men. we were warned that they would use their women to divide us and many Black men have fallen right into the trap. white people are a minority in numbers. if we are really concerned about getting from under our oppressors, we will remember this and leave the white and women of other races alone.

  167. you should be ashamed of yourself and you are contributing to our problems. what pleasure can you get from a person of a group who despises your people, who oppress your own people. you are a traitor.

  168. Black women love their own kind, We are not interested in hooking up with our enemy and oppressors.

  169. most do but the little bitches are not listening to daddy.

  170. they lack loyalty for their own race.

  171. Katharine Baragwanath love is not just love. smarten up. stop being so emotional. I want your people to stop murdering mine. our numbers are our strength. we cannot defeat you militarily but we can leave you alone and not promote your numbers. your progeny will grow to rule over Black people.

  172. Rachel Rivera speak for yourself. master did not rape all of us.

  173. Victor Vic he knows what he is talking about and I agree 200%.

  174. Filmtress Bell you have keen insights. I never thought about the need to lock up Black men and boys as a way to keep them away from their women.. the whole thing is so phucked up. WE need to separate from them. We want reparations and a one way ticket out of here or if we are going to stay here, we want to go on reservations.

  175. Detarius Knox you need to step off.

  176. is dre still married to a sister?

  177. Quincy Jones mother was white. 2nd I would not want to have any type of relationship with these men because they forgot where they come from and probably have nasty ass attitudes. 3rd they like living with and in filth

  178. I think you think too much about race in dating, we're all human, who cares about dating, we should care more about racial injustices which are shocking in the USA, of course I'm from Canada so it's not quite the same.

  179. Corey Allen says:

    Sounds like whoever wrote this post may have a little issue with the brothas leaving.

  180. L.j. Rivers says:

    The black woman has birthed, nurtured,and loved the black man,and stood by him when he was nothing, and as soon as he gains sucess he turns his back on the black woman,and shares his sucess with the white woman…the ancestors of the slave master yhat enslaved his ancestors…that is the "Willie Lynch Syndrome, and the epitome of self hatred…Personally, as for me, I would rather let my seed fall to the ground, before I place it in the belly of the slave master…every black man needs to read the Willie Lynch Letter!!!!!

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