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Ne-Yo’s Wife On Defensive After Being Slammed for Saying Son ‘Wasn’t Blessed with ‘Hawaiian Silky’ Hair


After Crystal Smith spurred outrage for saying her son doesn’t have “Hawaiian silky” hair, Ne-Yo’s wife is now speaking out and blaming dislike of interracial relationships for the controversy.

Smith posted and later deleted a request for products to use on her young son’s hair so it can retain moisture.

“So my son wasn’t blessed with mommy’s ‘Hawaiin silky’ as my sister @nikki_loraine likes to say,” Smith said on Instagram Tuesday, Feb. 20. “Can anyone suggest some good products or moisturizers? Nothing I’ve tried will help the dryness. His hair seems to just soak up everything instantly. Comment below if you’ve had this issue. Helllllllllllp.”

While at the airport with her son and husband Ne-Yo Tuesday, Feb. 27, Smith declared she loves her son and was simply quoting something that the singer’s sister says to her.

“People wanna take things literal, that’s fine,” she tells TMZ. “I was asking for help and I was met with criticism and it’s OK. ‘Cause it just inspired me to start my own hair care line and it will be coming out very soon.”

“They assume I’m not mixed with Black, which I absolutely am,” she adds of why so many people got upset. “And they don’t like Black men being with white women or other race of women and it’s just really stupid … People are gonna say what they want to say and that’s OK. Doesn’t change how I feel about my child.”


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