Charlamagne Hits Back at Mo’Nique with Shady Photo

After a heated interview with Mo’Nique on “The Breakfast Club” Friday, Feb. 23, Charlamagne tha God took another hit at the comic by meeting up with Oprah — whom Mo’Nique continues to take issue with.

The comic has accused Winfrey of contributing to her getting blackballed in Hollywood during the time she starred in the drama “Precious.”

On Friday, Charlamagne, who continuously poked holes in Mo’Nique and husband-manager Sidney Hick’s reasons for boycotting Netflix, used Oprah to show who’s side he was on in the whole dust-up.

“The Light,” he captioned a Tuesday, Feb. 27 photo-op with Winfrey. A comment he took from Oprah’s response to rising above the negative comments made by both Trump and Mo’Nique

“It’s impossible, it’s a law that if you meet negative with negative you will just have a combustive negative force of energy,” Winfrey said to Global Grind while promoting “A Wrinkle In Time.” “You can’t meet negative energy where it is, you have to rise above it, you have to transcend it. You have to be the light.”

Expanding further on Twitter, Charlamagne — or Lenard McKinley, as Mo’Nique referred to him during their interview — said, “I had a conversation with Oprah. Just know I’m blessed, Black, and highly favored forever.”

When asked if he would be meeting with Lee Daniels, another filmmaker Mo’Nique said made her get blackballed, the radio host had a snappy response.

But he didn’t hit back at all his critics, who weren’t on board with him supporting Oprah.

“What a way to name drop!” someone said. “It still doesn’t excuse the fact that you named Mo’Nique ‘donkey of the day’ as she fights for equality. Whether or not you agree with her reasoning is irrelevant. It was an egregious move on your part and an apology would have been appropriate.”

Another responded, “He’s not humble enough to apologize so instead he will ignore the pain he’s caused from putting his own Black sister down and continue to make petty moves like taking pics w/ Oprah. I love Oprah but I know if Oprah did what Mo’Nique said she did. I would be hurt too.”

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