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Foot Locker Joins In On Mo’Nique Fray with Questionable Social Media Post

As Mo’Nique continues to be the talk of the town over her call to boycott Netflix, shoe retailer Foot Locker has entered the conversation.

When the New York Knicks’ official Instagram page posted a photo of Chris Rock and Amy Schumer requesting commenters to provide a caption Monday, Feb. 26, Foot Locker seized the moment.

“I love us for real,” it wrote, using one of Mo’Nique’s catchphrases. The comic has said the expression in videos where she discusses her Netflix boycott, which she launched in January due to “color bias and gender bias.” She proclaimed the streaming service only offered her $500,000 compared to the $11 million Schumer renegotiated and the $20 million Rock was offered.

Many folks in the comments ate up the shade thrown by the shoewear retailer.

“Footlocker for the win! 😂,” someone wrote.

“@footlocker savage level: 100 😂” said another.

“@footlocker 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 Monique gone boycott y’all next 😂😂” a different person joked.

Another pledged their support to the brand writing, “B—, I’m bouta buy a pair of shoes off the strength of this comment cause that was funny lmao.”

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