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Drake’s Childhood Rhyme Book Being Auctioned for Thousands

Rapper Drake’s scrappy little purple spiral notebook from his “Degrassi” days is for sale for a whopping $54,000. Drake’s notebook contains 12 pages of lyrics including a tribute to Biggie Smalls’ “Ten Crack Commandments” that’s entitled “Ten Mack Commandments”. His book is currently being sold at an online auction house “Moment in Time.”

The entries in the book date back to 2002, a year after Drake began his career as a child star on “Degrassi: Next Generation.”

Reportedly the book was nearly thrown out after it was discovered at Drake’s grandfather’s furniture factory located in Toronto. The Canadian artist recently made headlines when he went on a charity spree blessing individuals and organizations with gifts. By the end, Drake reportedly gave away nearly $1 million.

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