Michael Blackson Wants ‘The Rock’ to Help Him End the Beef with Kevin Hart


As comedian Michael Blackson’s ongoing beef with Kevin Hart continues,  Blackston has asked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to intervene. Blackston reached out to The Rock for training lessons. He said “Hey my broda can you train me, I might have to fight your little homie Kevin hart. Sylvester Stallone was not available.” The Rock attempted to playfully discourage the fighting, “U guys still fighting over that sh*t? You’re both my boys.” Then Blackson responded, “either the midget apologize or we fighting.”

The two comedians beef heightened when Blackson made a joke about Kevin Hart’s recent infidelity. Blackston said “Stop apologizing! Change your story… Don’t ever admit to nothing. If your wife catch your d*** in another woman, tell her it’s not your d***. Tell her your homie borrowed your d***”, Blackson yelled in the video. This was a joke that Hart didn’t find funny and said so on “The Breakfast Club.” He called Blackson ab “Instagram model that is looking for love.” Blackston continued to take shots at Hart by posting pictures with his ex-wife Torrie saying “the funnier Hart.”

Today Feb. 26, Blackson posted Johnson’s response to his training request, “U burnt beech. I will not allow a beef between my boys. Or I will whup both your a**es 🤣 💪🏾”


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