Michael Blackson Takes Feud with Kevin Hart to New Heights, Bashing Him for Silence on ‘Black Panther’s’ Success

Michael BlacksonIt looks like the feud between comedians Michael Blackson and Kevin Hart is never ending as Blackson calls out the “Laugh at My Pain” comic for boasting about “Jumanji” while “Black Panther” is out here setting records.

Although the comedians have worked together in the past, the feud began a few months ago when Blackson posted an Instagram video commenting on Hart’s publicized cheating scandal which the “Jumanji” actor didn’t find funny one bit.

“Stop apologizing! Change your story… Don’t ever admit to nothing. If your wife catch your d*** in another woman, tell her it’s not your d***. Tell her your homie borrowed your d***”, Blackson yelled in the video.

Hart responded back on “The Breakfast Club” calling Blackson an “Instagram model that is looking for love.” This is the flame that ignited the fire in their current beef.

Blackson has been taking shots at Hart recently posting a picture of himself with Torrei Hart, Kevin’s ex-wife, referring to her as the “funnier Hart.”

Kevin Hart dropped a photo yesterday (Feb 20.) highlighting the success of “Jumanji” and the “Next Friday” actor was quick to drag Hart for posting the “3 months old” film. He also exclaimed that “Black Panther” is the number one movie dominating right now.


Blackson has since deleted his social media comments, but who’s to say when the beef between the two comedians will end.

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