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Trick Daddy Rallies for Black Unity While Slamming Those Who Live Above Their Means

Over the recent years with the countless racial incidents (H&M, Dove, & Etc.) that have occurred, more rappers and celebs are advocating for more support in the Black community. One of those newfound advocates happens to be “I’m a Thug” artist Trick Daddy.

Trick posted a video on Instagram expressing his heartfelt feelings about the unification of Black people and stressed the importance of each individual taking action.

“First off I need all us Black folks to stick together… We have to learn to stop competing with one another (and) we have to learn that materialistic s**t don’t make us better than the next person”, he explained.

Trick made it clear that Black women and men have to support one another if progress is going to be made. He also encouraged women to prioritize and live within their means and not allow money & riches to distract and cause them to “lose.”

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