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Jill Scott Clears the Air As Drunk Video Goes Viral

Jill Scott had a little too much fun “of a great time” over the weekend. The “Why Did I Get Married” star posted a video on Instagram sharing details of her eventful night. In the video, Scott visibly intoxicated with glazed eyes, slurred her words in an attempt to describe her evening “It started off soo good, then Fu Fe gave me more to drink and I drank it.” she continued “Uhhhhh, Saturday night!”

Fans quickly took to Instagram to voice their concern.

“Just hope she has some genuine loving and supportive people in her corner”, –“Love you @missjillscott hope you are fine, this is usually not you.”

“Jill put the weed, alcohol and your phone down hunny…I still love your music girl!!”

-“Stay off the Gram when you’re drunk Jill you’re too famous for this Cardi B shit you’re pulling.”

On Feb. 20, the “Golden” singer posted a photo and comment to clear the air with fans. “The morning after. I’m blaming FU FE for another GREAT party. Relax sweethearts. I’m fine. Had too much of a great time. 😂😂😂😂”

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